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    What's wrong here?

      I just had a match in die rise and we were with 3 players.

      I'm a skull/blue eyes and the other two were 2 bones.


      This was the end score:

      One had: 8 kills and 5 death's/downs

      The other had 97 kills and 14 death's/downs

      And i had 361 kills and 1 death/down


      So you can say the other two didn't do so well, but when we were done, i saw that BOTH players leveled to a skull..

      What the **** is wrong with this rank system, when i was two bones i had to do multiple games with 200+ kills and 1 or 2 deaths to become a skull, and now i'm stuck at skull no matter how many games i play with 300+ kills and 1 or 2 deaths.


      It could be just me, but i think this is really ****** up...

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          Re: What's wrong here?

          yeah, i really agree. I recon they need like 10 emblems, so we really can decide wether the players were with are any good. the problem with the skull is that you can be really really good, or really really crap. on this account ive gotten to over 30 rounds on most of the maps, but im still a skull.


          someone metioned ages ago that there should be loads of emblems, like if you have more revives than downs, you have a syringe, or if you carry a team through rounds you have a crutch. go mad on the m&s, you have them as your emblems, i really like these ideas. Even if they could have a make your own job, but give you rounds that youd got to as a shape, id say most people would put their highest down, would be like bo1 and the lobby leaderboards.

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