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    Easter Egg Hunters ( PS3 )

      Me and my Homie are looking for another person down to do any Easter Egg. Mic or not, doesn't really matter to me. We just need someone who KNOWS how to follow directions. Skill isn't really too big of an issue, My buddy and I know how to get the Eggs done within the Lower rounds. We just need 4 people.

      Black Ops 1 or 2. We'll be on tonight late tonight, and will be playing BO1. We have done the COTD Easter Egg, so for those who need the acheivement we dont mind doing it again. We'd like to do Shangra La, but if you've done it and want to do the Moon we'r down. Again, we dont care if you have a Mic or not. Just want serious players. People ready to get these Trophies only please. I still haven't done the Egg on Tranzit, so if someone needs another , Holla at me...

        PSN:  guero_z1979