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      Hey guys. I was wondering if you knew how sometimes when I play tranzit or die rise with those 4 characters I get downed with 4 hits by zombies and when I have juggernog I get downed with 6 hits. However the other guys die with 2 hits. How is that possible?

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          perma jug

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            You have a persistant upgrade that will last until either round 15 or until you die enough times. It is given when you go down between 1-3 times on rounds 1 or 2.

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                wow, I didn't realize they rewarded people for getting down. that's interesting, I'm going to try this.

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                    It is less of a reward, and more of a way to help people who are inexperienced at the game. Once you are better, getting to round 15 isn't as much of an accomplishment, especially if you look at the global leaderboards. Also it should be noted that forcing downs on your character my hurt you later down the road if you want to progress in rank


                    There are other persistent upgrades that are more of rewards like the headshot damage one for getting a collateral headshot or the quick revive one for getting 17 revives without dying.


                    I definitely think it would be cool if at higher rounds you could do something to earn a little bit beefier juggernog.