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    *******(XBOX Clan) Havoc_Elite Now Recruiting********

      Havoc_Elite Now Recruiting*****


      Clan Tag HOAX (Havoc Over All eXistance)

      LVL 34 BO2 and LVL 39 MW3


      We are looking for active members that play to win! Must have a mic---17 and up---willing to participate in weekly clan ops---1+ K/D.


      If interested message me on live HAVOCxTayLeNa, you can also check us out on our website havocelite.enjin.com.


      If you are looking for something competitive we also have a MLG Gamebattles team S&D only.


      Clan ops are weekly on Saturday and Sunday at different times you arent required to play both but must play at least one.  Usually the clan ops are Kill Confirmed on Saturday and Team Deathmatch on Sunday.


      Hope to hear from you soon.