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    Call of Duty Ghosts DLC prices

      The most thing that I'm worried about is the price of DLC(+ Season Pass).

      I hope to release DLC at a reasonable price in CoD: Ghosts... 49.99$ for Season Pass in BO2 was really crazy -.-;;

      I think 29.99$ is most reasonable for Season Pass.

      (Of course, the cheaper the better.)

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          Re: Call of Duty Ghosts DLC prices

          Dont be ridiculous. They won't release the same amount of content for less.

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              Re: Call of Duty Ghosts DLC prices

              If anything i can see there being a rise in pricing and much more in the way of micro DLC too, i would expect to see the map packs go for around £16.99 and a season pass varient i would expect to see at around £49.99 especially with the next gen versions, we may not see it so much this year as we still have alot of people using current gen consoles but as these slowly get phased out until we're next gen only dont be surprised in a dramatic increase in pricing,


              Sorry im not sure what the figures i posted are in USD or EURO

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              Re: Call of Duty Ghosts DLC prices

              Yeah, I can't see them breaking the trend, but I think IW is going to be hard pressed to find people willing to pony up the $$ for DLC.


              Let's face it, DLC playlists have perfromed pretty poorly over the past few installments.  It is tough finding games and when you do, they tend to have more issues surrounding connection then just playing the original maps.  Not to mention some of the content from IW's last installment was not up to par.  The concept of the small team maps was GREAT, but the execution was TERRIBLE (bad site lines, horrific spawns, glitchy textures, etc..).  Not to mention the spec ops debacle (losing rank, freezing, etc).


              Thus, I could see these guys attempting to raise prices once more in an effort to make a "grab" before everyone stops buying them.

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                Re: Call of Duty Ghosts DLC prices

                I really think they should get a better grasp of their products life cycle. They space the DLCs to far apart and the end up almost bleeding into the new games cycle because of the xbox getting stuff first. How is that going to work with there being 2 xbox's with the game on them? xbone gets it first then 360 then ps4 then ps3 wiiU and PC? or Will it be xbone then a month later all the other systems? If its the first one that's a DLC pack every 4 months. Unless my math is wrong the 3rd and 4th DLC packs will be after the new game comes out



                Here's my solution. November the game comes out everyone jumps around and has to buy new controllers after the first week because they slam theirs on the floor because of all the problems the game has. January 1st DLC pack 1 is released in two parts 3 maps are released 2 weeks later 2-3 maps are released. March 1st DLC pack 2 is released in 2 parts 2-3 maps released then 2 weeks later 3 more maps are released. Then in May DLC pack 3 is released same way as the others. Then July have DLC pack 4 dropped.  What i've noticed is there's huge shift and drop off in active players once summer hits which is why the 3rd and 4th DLC packs aren't well recieved and don't have the same kind of quality maps pack 1 and 2 have. The reason I have the DLC packs broken up into two parts is so the players feel they are getting more content and it keeps things fresh when new stuff is constantly being thrown into the rotation.


                Also whatever their 2nd mode will be NO! No more spec ops no more zombies unless it has an ending 100+ rounds of doing the same crap over and over gets old toss the players a bone you complete certian objectives while mowing through waves of whatever to secure an escape route that leads into one of the other maps instead of just oh we just magically got dumped here then when you escape all the maps you get a To be continued achievement.  Yes with multiplayer its kinda the same thing you jump into a match kill people then you're done but MP has game modes unlockables and other things. Your work actually has a purpose.

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