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    Need a clan

      Hi guys, i'm looking for an active clan.


      I'm  25 from the UK, I'm ranked Prestige 3 Level 34. I  primarilly use the hardcore game modes, but i'm  branching out into the  others. I have all current DLC's and will  purchase Vengence when it  becomes available. I don't use the zombies  mode and I dont have a mic yet.


      My K/D is only 0.76 but  I am a very hard worker, I have alot of experience in Clan ops and challenges and League aswell.


      I'm currently with [xMBR] Explicit Member but i'm looking for a more active clan.


      Any feedback would be great either post here or add me on PSN my user name is Orion-Michael



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          Re: Need a clan

          Are you looking for a UK based clan? If not I believe we are just the clan to not only boost your Knowledge in the game. I have been playing since call of duty 2 came out. I averaged a 5 KD on black ops 2 but decided it was too much to maintain so i dropped it to 3.5+. I have many members in the clan and we just started recently. I have gotten to hone my members skills. Teaching them the basics for communication is key. You must train your comrades. Some were below `1 KD players and now some average above 2KDs and are rising above the 1.5 mark. We have daily clan practices for our competitive league play teams. We have a website some of our members including myself have been ranked in the masters division in league play, We are ranked 60 in top 100 black ops 2 clans, we have a website, great organization. Call outs, Clan rankings and everything else needed to run a clan.

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