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    It is Friday - A discussion for the day - Boosting, what could maybe be done

      I take credit for nothing... so as usual this thread is an inspiration from another: http://community.callofduty.com/thread/200710528?tstart=0


      I do not think taking out the TI (tactical Insert) will solve the issue - and many people use it for its intended purpose.  I also think one of the reasons the reporting feature seems to be ineffective is because the people acting on the reports are swamped with many reports... often false ones.


      Here is a suggestion to end the boosting problem



      1 - If a player is reported, the player who got reported is investigated.


           - if the player is guilty, they get a ban for X days (not permanent)

           - if the reporter is caught making false claim they get a warning of a perma ban from reporting


      2 - on Subsequent reports:


           - if the reported person is found to be guilty: Permanent Gamer Tag ban*

           - if the player is innocent, the reporter is suspended from reporting for X days (not permanent)


      3 - If the reporter makes another false claim, perma ban from the reporting feature.


      What this could do:


      - eventually most, if not all, reports received will be valid reports that the monitoring team can investigate, and issue bans on the guilty players faster.  People will either be banned from reporting, or become wise to only send reports when they are positive of their claims.


      This is not full-proof as there are things I am likely missing or holes in the theory... but is this not a good place to start?


      * You CANNOT ban IPs, anyone who thinks this is a good idea has no idea what they are talking about, as most people do not have STATIC IPs which means when they reconnect to their ISPs with a different MAC (sometimes not even required) they are issue a new (and more often than not, different) IP address. Furthermore, if the targeted IP is reissued to an innocent party who so happens to also play the game, they would be temporarily banned for no reason.


      (my bad for starting a new discussion, but I am posing this as a question...)


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