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    List of buried achievements / trophies.

      Mined Games: In Buried, be their pawn.

      Ectoplasmic Residue: In Buried, acquire a perk for free.

      I’m your Huckleberry: In Buried, Access all areas with the help of your new friend in one game.

      Death from Below: In Buried, drop the beat on zombies 10 times

      Candygram: In Buried, make a candy delivery

      Awaken Gazebo: In Buried, Pack-a-Punch a weapon in round 1 with no one using the bank or weapon locker.

      Revisionist Historian: In Buried, rewrite history

      Mazed and confused: In Buried,Survive an entire round within the maze on round 20 or higher.

      FSIRT against the wall: In Buried, Purchase the LSAT of the wall and pack-a-punch it.

      When the revolution comes: In Buried, Return to processing



      Seems pretty sweet all were bronze trophies other than mined games. Would imagine that's the Easter egg but it wasn't that way for MOTD. Any the rest sound pretty damn sweet tho. Love to hear your thoughts.