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    PS3 Update Today


      Well we got the update on PS3 today. I had to try it. Still haven't been able to get the Mark II, but my question is. I cant put Mustang and Sally in the fridge.

      I know it can be done on Tranzit, I do it all the time. If I put  M & S in the fridge on Tranzit, will it be there on Die Rise. I also did the New Box Perk, but all I got was the Hammer 3 times in a row. Thanx but I'll stick to the wall weapons. Does anyone know if I can store M & S in the fridge.

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          I've never been able to put M&S in the fridge...

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              seriously, I always had it in the Fridge on Tranzit. as a back up. I stay on the farm to me it has the best Train spot, so I always had M & S in the fridge.

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                  I could always put m&s in fridge on tranzit,


                  I haven't played yet but I asked the question last night about the fridge and bank both bring multi map transferable


                  And I was assures yes both bank and fridge are,



                  But the fridge you can only transfer guns that are multi map,



                  Like the mustangs and Sally but not the LSAT say because it isn't on all the




                  I'm not sure if u could store them anyways and they wouldn't show up when u at the other map from which u stored them on,


                  But that's only what I've been told as like I say I haven't bothered playing yet since the update