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    When was the last patch?


      When was the last patch? Im curious and I want to know around what time did 3ARC stop caring? I dont want to turn this into a DLC talk, so dont include that as them not caring. Deep down we all knew that was never going to happen. When was the last weapon rebalancing? Why didnt we get nuketown 2025? (yeah its still a bad map, but we shouldve gotten it). Why did we never get Arms Race? I really like this game and I really like 3ARC, but I want to know, why has there been no support?

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          Several months ago.


          I'm not defending 3arc - but this game is stable and doesn't crash. It has a few non-issue bugs, but the big deal (for me) is that it's not hacked like MW3.


          People have to understand that they can't throw money and time into a game that will be made obsolete with their next title.


          From a "customer appreciation" POV they should finish (and support) the product, but from a business standpoint they want to crank out the next title - I just hope it's available for the wiiu.

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              I have no problem with this game. I just feel that the lack of support compared to the other consoles is horrible. No Nuketown 2025, Arms Race and free prestige calling cards.


              I dont throw my money away for each title. I never bought MWR or MW3 and the CODs that I did buy, W@W and BO, were used. I wont buy Ghosts and I thnk that if they put it out for the WiiU it will sell horribly and it will split the community even more.


              About them cranking out th next title, isnt that IW's developers jobs, not 3ARCS?

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              I disagree with this being a stable game. It's been freezing a lot more lately, as well as being kicked to the main menu more often. Lag is also getting worse...for me at least. Forcing me to play Zombies more - which is fun as hell. Never played it much before.


              The game developer on this forum said a few months ago that the next patch was approved and ready, they were just waiting to pick a date to release it. So far - haven't seen it.

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                Oh its that guy in the background