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    Free For All (an interesting gamemode

      Recently I've rediscovered my love for Free For All mainly because I got sick of trying to carry the vegtables that I always seem to get teamed up with and not only am I enjoying FFA again but I'm enjoying Black Ops 2 again. Anyway here are some random thoughts on FFA


      Firstly what is it with all of the pistol users (especially Tac 45s) in FFA. Winning a FFA with a BO2 pistol is not impressive, now if you were to win a FFA with a CoD 4 Deagle or a BO1 pistol then I'd be impressed.


      Secondly the spawns obviously need work but I played a couple of MW3 FFAs and the spawns in BO2 FFA are so much better compared to MW3 so that's a +.


      I like the gun on gun nature of FFA in Black Ops 2. I mainly use UAV, CUAV and lightning strike and that's fine. FFA should be about gun skill rather then letting streaks do all of the work. 100 score per kill for FFA is perfect.


      Why is Carrier in the FFA rotation? Actually why is Carrier even in the game


      This is somewhat of an unrelated topic but does anyone think that there is still a stigma attached to the MP7 from MW3? I like to be highly mobile in FFA and the MP7 is my favourite SMG. I get people calling me a 'tryhard' all of the time and I still see people (not really on these forums but other places) say that the MP7 is cheap and occasionally some people even say it's overpowered. The MP7 is definately very user friendly but I think it's perfectly balanced and in many cases the PDW and MSMC outperform the MP7.

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          I forgot to add that among the interesting people you see in FFA none amuse me more then the person who goes prone on the spot they spawned on with either a TF LMG or an XPR. There's always one person who does this in FFA and I find it quite funny. Sure they might get you once or twice but they always finish last or second last.

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            People that complain about weapons being OP, should just use them and shut up.

            I've forced myself to play HC and am now hooked on it and since there's no FFA in HC, I went to core to have another go at it. After HC it's like trying to kill with rubber bullets, I can't believe there's so much difference.

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              I rediscovered FFA when I thought of a Douchy way to play. FFA is a great place for testing without hurting a team.


              what I find interesting, is that my kd on FFA is twice that of my overall, yet I see players FFA kd half of their overall. I think that says something. 

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                FFA has been my game mode in MW3 and BLOPS 2.  I was a multiplayer noob in BLOPS1 and only played TDM.  You should have played MW3 FFA a little more.  MW3 was a little more dependant on knowing the spawns than BLOPS2, but once you got used to it the game was great.  The main allure to me in FFA is that there is always someone around.  I am a very aggressive style player, plus there is not as many campers and if there are some you will know where they are at.  Another positive is not having to run to the middle or other side of the map for action after you die.  Its my favorite mode by far.  I mainly use the evo and dont get to much hate mail lol.  you are probably getting hate mail because a lot of people have mellowed and are trying different stuff since the game has been out for awhile.  I will run overkill with a 870 and DSR for fun a lot of times now, especially if im in a noob lobby.