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      Well today i managed too  someone get a BLACK TOMAHAWK started a 4 player game 2 players left the  game so it was no weasel think sal & billy

      we did everything  normal. upgraded to the blue redeemer which has a Blue Flame Glow and  the Tomahawk is lava red with Blue Flames.....

      refueled the plane  for the 4 time tried after putting in the pop goes the weasel codes in  the stairway..... 872 ...101....386....481....collected headphones.  tried too go into ghost mode ride plane wouldnt let us...so my pale end  up having too leave which left me i run too the showers grab shotgun get  on plane go upgrade it run around the bridge untill all the ammo is  gone for shotgun.... get back in eletric chair head over  the box is in  the tunnels so i head over hitting the box for new weapon i can  upgrade...  i get downed go into after life so i just run too the  tomahawk for the heck of it and there is no glow no flames and it says  hells Redeemer But it is BLack not lava red and it lets me grab it i  already had my blue hell redeemer and now when i throw it its not red  lava its black with blue flames....dont know if this was something that  just happen but if you all have ran across this give some feedback