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    Pre Order Multiplayer Map "FreeFall" discussion

      So Infinity Ward Posted today that there is a Pre-Order Bonus- If you pre-order, you get the MP Map FreeFall-



      It won't let me copy the text, so I will Paraphrase it.


      Basically the map is a Skyscraper on the brink of collapse. The design art shows a skyscraper basically bent in half. The description talks about sideways staircases, elevator shafts running along the ground, and windows forming a glass floor. The map is described as "dynamic" falling continuously throughout the match. As it falls the terrain changes, thus sight lines and routes change as well, the map evolves in real time.


      The idea of dynamic maps excites me quite a bit, I am curious to see how they handle it. If they can make it work similar to Battlefield, they could be creating the best CoD in a long time. My fear is that the dynamic events are going to feel staged, and will be repeated everytime you play said map. I am hoping they are TRULY dynamic, in that they offer a different gameplay experience every time you play. I guess we'll see.


      The other thing that struck me was that they chose this particular them. At E3, BF4 showed off a map with a spectacular SkyScraper collapse... may just be coincidence or a direct challenge. I hope they get smart and release some MP footage earlier than normal this year.


      So what are your thoughts? Second year in a row with a Pre-Order Exclusive... does it give you incentive to buy the game or are you going to wait for more info before investing? Are MP maps as Pre-Orders good for the community after the Nuketown 2025 fiasco? Can they do it better this time around?


      What are your thoughts about the dynamic maps? Do you think they will take them far enough or will they just be set pieces that grow old with time?