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    Lethal Gaming PS3 / Xbox is recruiting (Sponsored clan)

      Lethal Gaming is 61 times Call of Duty Elite Clan operation championship winners. We are recruiting for Xbox and PS3.

      If you are a pubstomper, stream to twitch often, or can get good gameplays for YouTube (100+, 150+, 200+, Nuclears, Nuked Out) we want you in our roster.

      We are a sponsored by Wicked Controllers (Link below)

      Please apply by clicking here...

      Click here for the clans YouTube channel

      Click here for the clans Twitch channel

      Click here for the clans official twitter

      Click here for our sponsor Wicked Controllers.

      Wicked_Controls Official Twitter...

      Wicked Controllers facebook page. Drop a like on this

      Wicked Controllers Official YouTube channel. Subscribe if you like