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    Have you ever been unfairly accused of hacking ?

      Lately i've been accused of hacking, now shame on the guys who have done this, as I have never hacked not even to try it out.


      I get better day by day, playing my ass of and learning new strategies and tricks but hey guilty until proven innocent, isnt that the way it goes?


      It has taken me 3 Months of hard work to reach Prestige 6 and now i get accused of hacking, you may kindly go fly a kite in a strong upwards draft and may it take you and deposit you on a deserted far off island where the sharks are hungry and erosion is taking quick effect on the land.


      If you have ever been unfairly accused of this most deadly sin ( as you get banned from COD) tell me about it... I FEAL YOUR PAIN


      And may the guy or girl who accused you without proof GET A PAIN IN THEIR @#$%^@#


      Sincerely StavrosHaramis

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          The reason is between the lag, lag comp, and poor spawns the game often makes it look like certain people are hacking when they are really just on the better side of the machine. I can't count how many times I thought the other team had hackers until I left the game and found out I had been hosting. Rejoining usually fixes it along with my performance. But there are some hackers out there no question about it. Some stuff can't be explained by lag.


          Then there are also just poor game mechanics. To a noob using the m4, it seems that when you stand there and take their rounds then kill them with 2 shots from an ak, you must be hacking. But it is just poor game design. When every grenade that lands within 20 feet of you kills you, but certain people seem to soak up your own- because they are constantly using body armor and/or blast shield -it can seem like they must be invincible.

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            There's no such thing as erosion on deserted islands.

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              Yes I have been accused,but not as much lately, as these parasitic pests have been able to breach through the COLLECTION 4 playlist & flood a mealy 100 or so player playlist & bleeping piss me off to a point that I began documenting in video & still shots of their L0SER behavior, contacting Actvision 3times within a week, now building a file for the Class Action kick in guts for the inattention(possibly advocating) Activision has displayed in this matter.

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                One time, in a game other than Modern Warfare 3, in fact, other than any Call of Duty game, I was playing in a lobby full of people speaking french. I was very good at this particular shooter, and was getting lots of headshots, and the only word I could make out in chat before I was kicked was "Hacker!"


                The moral of the story is that some people can be so amazing at a game that other players think that they are a hacker. Personally, as long as they don't go spreading it around on the forums, I think it's a compliment if you're not actually hacking, so you must be a god at this game.