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    New DLC overview


      The new map pack hit today, if you haven't bought it yet it's worth getting.  These are some of the most fun maps the game has to date and well worth the 15 bucks.  I have about 5 hours of play time between them and I thought I would share a quick overview for those of you who still are on the fence.




      The first map in the new DLC is cove.   The map is set on a island surouned by water on all sides and has some very beautiful and unique scenery.  The map has a very distict feel to the way it seems to play.  There is a wide variety of turrain, sight lines and flanking routs available.  The map forces many players to flow towards certain parts of the island and most areas feel like you are vulnerable from multiple avenues of approach.  It has a lot of solid cover, but not many good camping locations.




      Uplink is supposedly a reskinning of a BO1 map named summit. I never played much BO1, still it's an easy map to learn.  The map is small in size and offers a wide variety of sight lines. The interior areas work well for shotguns and smgs.  The outdoor areas of the map are wide open and offer slightly longer lines of sight.  Nothing too special, but still a solid multiplayer map that seems to stand the test of time.




      Rush is set in a paintball arena, accept you are using real guns instead of colored paint.  As the map's name implies, this map is very close quartered with a wide variety of cover and firing positions.  You will definately want to stay mobile.  SMG's and shotguns hold the edge here, but the Assult rifles can compete as well.  It's a very fast paced combat and will likely become one of the community favorites.




      This map is set on bridge after some sort of bombing or disaster.  It't a fairly large map with a narrow width to it.  Basically you try to push forward across from one side of the bridge to the other. This is probably my favorite of the new maps.  It's a map that offers fairly long sight lines and forces players to use ratched progression rather than a blind rush to advance.  It's a lot of fun if you like LMG or assult rifles in terms of pushing foreward.


      Overall we have a well rounded group of maps and I think it's well worth checking out.

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          Sorry I don't agree.


          Take Detour for example why have a really long map that still gets dominated by SMG's and shotguns, the longest line of site is still only about 70 yards.


          Cove is ok but Rush is awful and Summit/Uplink will always be played in just one section of the map.


          Another mediocre effort and another reskin, what's next Grid?


          Have they run out of ideas or can't they be bothered anymore.

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            While I am a bit bummed about uplink being a reskin, I still think this map pack is worth it.  My initial impression is that the three new maps are some of the most dynamic and interesting levels to come along in some time.  Detour has some absolutely crazy flanking routes.  Cove is a small map that manages to feel bigger (similar to Hardhat from MW3) and has gorgeous visuals.  Rush also looks fantastic and offers so many opportunities both to ambush and be ambushed.  Even in spite of the reskin, I definitely like this map pack best out of the three to date.

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              Uplink (summit reskin) - I liked the snow better. Without the snow it just feels like an extension of drone. Its a decent map, spawns seem to be an issue in objective games. And the new uniform skins can make it hard to discern bad guys, but I'm sure I will get over that once I stop trying to look at the map and focus on killing people. 7/10


              Cove - Has a lot of potential, really like the aesthetics of the map, headglitching isn't too bad but there are still spots. Biggest problem looks to be the spawns, its really easy to get into the other spawn, and at times I have spawned right next to bad guys /sigh. Fix your game Treyarch. 7/10 (subject to change)


              Rush - This map is actually pretty good, like the aesthetics, headglitching spots are prevalent however. But the spawns seem to be stable and its not hard to protect them.  8/10


              Detour - No. This is a bust. There is way too much clutter and headglitching is rampant. But the biggest problem is the spawn lanes, they are wide open and spawn killing is ridiculously simple. Making it even easier the fact there are many lanes to get across the map very quickly, making spawn killing that much easier. Random teams are going to hate this map for DOM.  3/10


              Haven't checked out Buried yet, but for non-zombies players, can't really recommend this map pack until Treyarch actually addresses the problem with spawns. Its not better than Revolution at all, pretty much the same as Uprising.

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                  Detour isn't a bad map the only people who think it's bad are the campers who are use to small maps only. The spawns however need to be addressed for all maps in the entire game not just Detour. It's not as bad as the smaller maps so I can safely say if they add more spawns to the map it will be one of the best. I played it didn't have a problem with the clutter. Also rush has the most headglitching and clutter so I have no clue what you are even talking about. I think why you hate Detour so much is because it's not the standard 3 main walk ways that's only reason why you like Uplink and Rush is because they are 3 main passage ways and have the same head glitches and easy to control camping spots and because they don't lack map control.

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                  I guess everyone playing this has made the game unplayable unless you like lag and hit detection problems

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                    PlaYed whit a friend earlier this morning against bots on the new maps. An non of them felt special very bland I loved studio but uplink is bad they should have brought back drive in that was fantastic. I will play a bit more after work but right now I feel the effort went into buried an not into multiplayer.

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                      For me, this map pack has put the final nail in the CoDoffin.... I dislike small maps, and this is obviously the route the franchise is deciding to take....A shame really, but all good things must come to an end.


                      Laters. :-)

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                        Now I havent played zombies in a while but after playing these maps for a while this map pack seems to be the best one so far in Blops2 for DLC.

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                            I've been leaning towards not buying this map pack for a couple reasons..


                            1. Really sick of the cluttered, close quarters maps.

                            2. Extremely sick of Call of Duty thinking it's ok to make us pay twice for the same maps. 1 out of 4 DLC's... Alright. 2 out of 3? That's crossing the line. Be innovative... Stop giving us the same maps.

                            3. Spawns in the original maps are still terrible, can't/don't even want to imagine what they will be like on smaller, more cluttered new maps.

                            4. Summit was a fun map - in Black Ops I. It was fun because shotguns and snipers weren't as good/used. I have a feeling that the middle building will be a camp fest of shotguns and quickscopers, which in turn will only annoy the **** out of me.


                            The only reason I would buy this map pack would be for the zombies map.. But I don't want to spend $15 dollars on 4 maps that I know I'm not going to enjoy. When are they ever going to split the two up? Sell zombies maps for $5, and the 4 MP maps for $10. Or the 5 maps for $15.


                            I've said it before, and I'll say it again. We deserve to be treated fairly and respectfully. We have made Call of Duty what it is today, and without us "the consumers", the game doesn't make it. Zombie players shouldn't be forced to pay for MP maps.. and MP players shouldn't be forced to pay for zombie maps. Also, quit giving us reskinned maps from previous games.. If I wanted to play summit, firing range, or cliffside, I would play BO1 or W@W.

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                            I've only played on rush and cove so far. Rush is by far the best map in blops2. I love it.

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                              Uplink needs the snow back. It's darker than I thought, does feel like a darker map of Drone. The rain do not help it, people are using the same camp spots from BlOps1, a TAC inserts dream map. I rather played Drive In or Arena, who asked for Summit I rather vote on maps than camo. Where did we vote or ask for this map to be reskined? 3/10


                              Rush is cool. As stated before its around a 8/10 no higher than that. You can be smg'ed to death or QS'ers can be a pain but its your strategy which can make this map fun or rage quit from spawn trap.


                              Detour is ok not too bad. You can really dominate the map with good teamwork and rack up kills , but as I said teamwork is the key to this map. I really like the demolition set up on this map, TDM however spawns are crazy. What out because its easy to spawn trap this map also. 7/10


                              The best for last would be Cove. What can I say it's action all around the island. You have to watch your back as well as your front at all times on this map. It's open to snipers, smg'ers, run and knife, As well as campers. I love using AR's and this map may be small but has enough space to use my AR without a SMG running up on me or being QS'ed. I love this map 9/10 hands down.

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                                In order of personal preference however will comment that spawns on all the new maps are kind of crazy.  Seemed like I was getting killed right after spawning way too much.


                                Cove - Favourite so far with good visuals and flow.  Can play this map with any weapon.

                                Detour - Lots of routes to takes so makes for interesting matches.  A little disappointed though as I had expected multiple overlapping levels after seeing the preview but it's just certain sections of the map that dip into the lower level.

                                Rush - It may be I just haven't gotten used to the flow of this map yet but I find it too cluttered with very random spawns.  I did find it better when I used a tac insert and I also did enjoy it for Search and Destroy however.

                                Uplink - I didn't really like Summit in BO1 so not a huge fan of this map either.  It seems like everything happens in one small part of this map and the rest goes unused.

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                                  First impressions - Love Cove and Rush, never liked Summit/Uplink in the first place, and Detour is a horrible map with horrible spawns.

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                                    I need to adjust my play style for cove. I tend to slowly work my way forward using cover, but that's not really possible on cove. I play a match on cove yesterday and stuck to the outside of the map. That seems to be the only way to keep from getting killed from behind. Especially as a solo player.


                                    I'm not a fan of uplink because I play DOM mostly, and its just a really crappy map for DOM. B flag is in a really dumb spot. The first game I played was just a grenade/c4 bombing fest on B. I think it was at least 2 minutes before either team finally captured it.


                                    I havent got a game on Detour yet, but I did check it out in a private match to see what it was like. Seems like it will be a pretty good DOM map.


                                    Rush is awesome as I said above.

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                                      I hate Cove. 2nd only to Nuketown in terms of being a genuine bona fide clusterfudge.


                                      Detour is great, really like the flow of that map, and how everyone seems to gravitate out towards the sides. Also some very sneaky routes through the middle, love it.


                                      Uplink is Summit. Nuff said, if you loved it in BO1 you'll love it in this. Glad to see it back


                                      Rush could end up being a stone cold classic. It flows really well, and puts me in mind of Firing Range in terms of how it plays.

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                                          Bielsalmighty wrote:


                                          Rush could end up being a stone cold classic. It flows really well, and puts me in mind of Firing Range in terms of how it plays.


                                          Absolutely agree with this.  When I saw it in the trailer I feared another Nuketown Clusterf**k map, but it just plays so well

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                                            I agree with the Cove comment. Second to none though. I can't play that map without taking a few steps only to be picked off by someone watching the spawn from across the island, I've played COD from pretty much the beginning and never really had any strong objections to maps other than preference.

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                                            Rush is fun. Good map

                                            Uplink is good but doesn't look as cool as when it was summit. Easy to spawn trap

                                            Cove is different. Haven't played it much.

                                            Detour least favorite. Too big, too much clutter.

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                                                how can you say detour has to much clutter , when rush is covered in clutter(cover) .


                                                detour had a bomb or somthign go off on the bridge so of course there is gonna be a sh it load of clutter.

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                                                I hate them when I do bad. Love them when I do well. At least I'm honest.


                                                On a more serious note though, I love all 3. But really really hate detour. Spawns are the worst.

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                                                  I used to really dislike some of the new DLC maps that later become favorites with time on the map and learning all of the choke points and sight lines.


                                                  I think these new maps could be great- its just too early to tell.

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                                                    I've played Uplink a few times today on HCKC, just not impressed. Its pretty simple to spawn kill, even easier to mini spawn trap. Its easy enough to break out of and its not like they get the tags, but people quit out anyways. And like I said before, I miss the snow. Of the four reskins treyarch has done, this one is the worst.

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                                                      Just got done spawnraping on Cove and Detour in HCKC, once again bad spawns are ruining the map pack, ala Uprising with Vertigo and Magma (and Encore, and Studio). Had 11 kills on 3 lightning strikes on Detour, spawn lanes are simply too long and near impossible to defend. Just bad map design. Had a couple of instances where I spawned next to the bad guys on Cove. The island just needs to be larger and the spawn points need to be less accessible. Haven't gotten to play a lot of Rush today, don't think a single game actually.

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                                                        I like rush and uplink. But detour and cove are well..........an f ing piece of crap. Detour I can never seem to go positive on, and no matter where you are, theres always about a million ways you can be shot from. I hate cove because there are just too many snipers. The map doesn't offer anything for cqc players. Again i never go positive on this map either.


                                                        I think detour and cove might become a bit more enjoyable when people other than the try hards are playing. Because of the dlc only being out a couple of days, 99.99999999999% of people playing vengeance are tryhards who are amazing at the game. (I am the 0.000000000001%)

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                                                            Funny, I don't think there are only tryhards on the Vengeance playlist.  At least the lobby leaderboards don't bear that out; I see about the same K/D ratios as on standard TDM.


                                                            After some more playing time I've concluded that I love Rush, like Cove, kinda like Detour, and strongly dislike Uplink.  I never liked Summit in the original BO (after Nuketown and Firing Range, my favorite map was probably Jungle).  The reskin makes everything so dark that enemies can be almost impossible to see on top of it.  The map is always rife with campers... blech.

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                                                            You know the problems with this map pack the spawns, and we all know how easy it is to place more of them as most have seen halo forge in action.  Detour is the worst, often spawning close to the enemy. Get a dragonfire and all you have to do is hover tto get countless kills and the spawns just switch sides.

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                                                              Hadn't played in about a month, got on yesterday, downloaded the map pack, and played for a good portion of the afternoon.


                                                              My take-

                                                              Detour- I was disappointed. Has some good action but the flow feels disjointed to me. the map, though it has a lot of routes, doesn't have a tremendous amount of diversity in engagements. And to make spawn camp points on the outside of the lowe bridge? Come on, they didn't see that coming? I did well and had fun playing on this map, but there are some issues with it for sure.


                                                              Cove- Why doesn't this come up in the rotation? Played it on Custom Games a few times, and I think it could have potential. My concerns are that it is just a continuous circle. Even playing against the Bots, enemies came out of nowhere and I was constantly being shot in the back. When you get spawn killed by Bots in a Custom Game.. it makes you wonder how a Pub match is going to go.


                                                              Rush- Had heard a lot of negativity on this one, and after playing it I am not sure why. I had a lot of fun playing this map, enjoyed the variety of engagements. My only concerns are that there are a LOT of corners, expect the trolls to come out on this.


                                                              UpLink- Its Summit. Lets not confuse anything. IT'S SUMMIT. Some nice new skin, but its the same exact map. First time I played it, I went 32-3. This is why re-skinned maps are a bad idea. There is no learning curve. If you have played Black Ops, at all, you know this map. You know the sight lines. You know the spawns. STOP BRINGING BACK OLD MAPS.


                                                              Overall a pretty decent map pack. I am just glad to have more variety, it always breathes life back into the game for me. I don't play Zombies, so can't comment on Buried.