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    The **official** awaken the gazebo guide. :)

      Here is a guide for the achievement "Awaken the Gazebo". This guide is for 3-4 players but only one person in the game can get the achievement.


      First off a easy way of doing this is to be in Custom Games. That way if you have to restart the game, you can easily just end it.


      Step 1: Have one person kill all the zombies in Round 1 BUT leaving 2-3 still alive. After you have done that jump down the hole to go down into the tunnel.


      Step 2: Once you have fallen to the end of the tunnel have the person that is going for the achievement build the Remington. To do that simply grab the chalk and then walk over to the question mark and build it. Doing that will award you 1000 points.


      Step 3: Have the person that is going for the achievement use the Mystery Box. If he/she hits it and does not receive the Time Bomb but is close to another hit, have them kill a zombie. If after all the points have been used by the person and they have not received the Time Bomb, restart the game and repeat Steps 1-3.


      (Note from this point) Any other chalked guns do not touch.


      Step 4: If you got this far I assume you received the Time Bomb from the Mystery Box. From here you want to place the Time Bomb some where on the map.


      Step 5: From here you want to continue through the rounds opening all of the doors and the mansion. Once you have opened all the doors to the Pack - A - Punch and used Leroy to open the doors you want to have the person with the Time Bomb to trigger it. It will take the round back to Round 1.


      Step 6: Once that happens have the person going for the achievement, grab the rest of the chalks and build them. Once they finish that they should have 6000 points.


      Step 7: Have only the person going for the achievement to go through the mansion, not as many witches will spawn. You want to go straight to the Pack - A - Punch and upgrade and since it will be on Round 1 and since you didn't use the Bank or Weapon Locker your achievement will unlock.


      Congratulations on your achievement!