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    Looking for a party of good players?Tired of running solo and losing  games? If so join Elitegamingxperts

      Hey guys Elitegamingxperts is now recruiting! I am the leade,and we need more guys to help do clan ops,clan challenges,and basically just shoot.kill.and win games! Im looking for people that play DAILY,and are willing to do at least one clan ops per week. The only requirements for my clan is to have a 1.45 kd or higher with a 300 spm or higher. If you want to join just add me on ps3@ Xkon-OBezzy or just message me. If you want to join but dont have the requirments no problem just add me then you will have to tryout. When you tryout you will one v one me and we would play online for a while just to see how you can help the team.

      Clan Name: Elitegamingxperts


      Members: 56