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    Observation about Freefall and dynamic maps

      So like everyone I was a tad excited hearing about the map freefall (pre order bonus with some retailers)


      I was lucky enough to be one of the select few who got to see the single player level Federation day at E3 which freefall is based off of and as i've said on another post, that level design wise it was amazing (easily hands down the best sp lvel out of the three i've seen) so I am really looking forward to it.


      But the more I thought about it the more I started to wonder about how exactly they would add this new fangled dynamic maps thing in in a way that would actually work. Having been watching the various social media type things ovr the last few days and seeing some of the comments about this map, I noticed alot of people seem to think that the building collapses as you play.


      Just think about that for a second the building basically falls over onto another building making the entire thing look like a remake of lionel richies dancing on the ceiling video. Now for a single player game this sort of thing is fine as you can basically script set pieces and animations . For multiplayer though this sort of thing is not really viable for numerous reasons. Off the top of my head spinning the map axis while playing would need  heap of extra coding put in just to handle the falling part, gravity , character animations, the list of things i came up with that make it unlikely was large trust me.


      So i have come to the conclusion (and bear in mind this is my theory so i might very well be utterly wrong) that this map will most likely work something like this..

      the building falls over BEFORE the match starts and we will see some sort of animation  , when the match actually starts we will be playing on what is then half a building split off and on its side . The dynamic bits will be certain bits of the internal infrastructure collasping/moving.


      Theres a good clear semi hi res picture here that i think outlines the actual map area quite well




      so thoughts?