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    Debunking a Myth

      So, oftentimes on these boards I have heard the argument that TDM is "full of campers". As a Team Death Match player, you can understand why that would bug me a bit.


      Let me be clear... I am not denying there are plenty of campers in TDM. It comes with the territory I suppose. In TDM, the objective is to kill more than you die. That is the name of the game. The team with the most kills... wins. You die a lot, you are helping the other team. Pretty obvious, right?


      But I would put forth this argument... Camping is far, far worse in Objective Modes. Let me explain.


      My issue with Objective Modes is the static nature of the Objectives. You know where the Bomb is going to be. You know where the flags are going to be. From my understanding, the Hardpoints follow a specific pattern, as do the HQs, so it isn't difficult to learn the order in which they will appear. Experienced players, then, simply need to camp the objectives under the guise of defending in order to either win the match or simply pad their own stats.


      But while there is a strategic necessity at times in Objective Modes to "camp", the biggest drawback is that Stat-driven players can abuse the system by doing so. By ignoring objectives, they can easily pick off enemies and pad their stats at the hands of players who are working towards the Objective for their teammates. Perfect example- I've been gone from the game for a while, so finally got a chance to play DOM in HC yesterday. Luck has it, it was on Nuketown. A player on the opposing team was sniping, He spent the entire time, through both rounds, sitting in the back of one Garage or the other and picking players off. At no time did this player attempt to capture a flag, and in fact ended the game with 1 cap, presumably from capping his Spawn Flag. This player ended up something like 19-5, however our team won handily 200-112. While his K/D was high, he did nothing to contribute and yet his Stats get padded.


      The issue is prevalent amongst all the Objective Modes. In KC you can get a K/D bump without ever collecting a tag. In Hardpoint/HQ you can sit and watch a capture point without ever setting foot in it. There are several other examples that I am sure Objective players can attest to.


      The difference with TDM and Objective Modes is... TDM has more unknowns. You don't know what strategy the other team is going to employ. You don't know where they are going to go or what route they will take to get there. So, while it is true players can camp an area, there is also a higher probability that opponents can flank or take alternate routes in order to break the defense. Because everyone is a "slayer", a so called "defender" is at much more of a disadvantage. Unless a team is solid and communicative, they run the risk of flipping spawns or being overrun.


      Don't get me wrong. I have great respect for Objective Players and quite enjoy my forays into Objective Games. But I think this stigma against TDM and TDM players has to be put to rest. Objective Games have as much "camping", if not more.


      Thoughts? Do you Agree/Disagree? Why? As always, constructive discussion encouraged.

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          1. Re: Debunking a Myth

          Camping needs to lose the "bad" stigma. A "camper" can be a vital teamate in just about any team based game mode.


          Now, if the entire team is "camping", and no one is playing the objective, that is bad. Every team needs a mix of player types to succeed.

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            2. Re: Debunking a Myth

            I'd say that the only difference in camping between TDM and Objective gamemodes is the randomness of the campers position.  You will see more variety of camping spots in TDM while in objective modes the camping spots are almost always along cutoff routes to the objective.  So camping locations are much easier to predict in objective modes.

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              3. Re: Debunking a Myth

              Absolutely. Not really making a commentary on Camping itself as a tactic... but the myth that "Camping" is more prevalent in TDM.


              I think as long as you are helping your team to win and playing within the spirit of the game, you can play however you want.

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                4. Re: Debunking a Myth

                Can't disagree here!


                Seen some pretty random camp spots.


                I get great joy in finding ways to flank campers. Makes me happy

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                  5. Re: Debunking a Myth

                  If someone can hold off a choke point etc then good on them completly nothing wrong with that but if their siting in a corner then they're just a Dbag.

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                    6. Re: Debunking a Myth

                    Absolutely. I think there is confusion in the community about exactly what "camping" is. I think watching an area is different than "camping", personally. If a player is sitting in a dark corner just hoping someone walks by... that to me is "camping". Players who can take a strategic position and use that to further his team's objective, on the other hand, can be valuable assets to their team.

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                      7. Re: Debunking a Myth

                      Good post,


                      I am a TDM player as well and I have learned everything from this gamemode. TDM is viewed at times as teh NOoB mode because that's where a large amount of players are, yet few true TDM players know how to do the following:


                      1- Control the game tempo


                      2- Fight back


                      3- Destroy targets aerial and stationary ones


                      4- Adaptability


                      I enjoy TDM because its to the point, no bs, no trying to capture, no tags to worry about, just kill the enemy and refuse to die.

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                        8. Re: Debunking a Myth

                        It definitely gets a bad reputation... which I will never understand. I personally find it requires a vast array of tactics in order to be successful on a regular basis. Because of the ever-changing nature of the game mode, you have to adjust and adapt to a number of strategies and playstyles. I enjoy the Objective Modes... but I get quickly bored with the repetitive nature. TDM feels fresh to me every time.

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                          9. Re: Debunking a Myth

                          Camping in objective modes can be good or bad, depending on how someone does it... having someone cover the B flag can give you a huge advantage, but just today, i was playing a game of Demolition on Uplink and one of my teammates went up in the tower by A. He didnt kill any enemies, and when the bomb was planted literally right beneath him he still sat there. Then after the bomb detonated, he STILL sat there.

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