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    Suggestions to Treyarch

      Okay so I have 4 suggestions to improve the quality of the game the first one is about matchmaking and basically I have two ideas about the matchmaking.

      The first one is simple basically go back to your old matchmaking back in Black Ops 1 where you were always matched with the best ping for you at the quickest amount of time. My second idea is basically make a matchmaking where it's strictly ping based basically all the high pings will only be matched with high pings and low pings with low pings and so on and if you are in a party basically it averages your ping out and puts you within that ping.


      My second idea is for the spawns basically get rid of static spawns period. Basically what you can do is make them into Dynamic Safe Spawns basically by adding spawns all over them map and make it where it's no longer team based unless your team is out of harms way. You only spawn next to your team mates at the beginning of the game basically make it where it won't spawn you near enemies at all so that no one gets spawned in front or behind the enemy. You could even add a system that divides the map into 1/4s and have the player pick where they are going to spawn based on enemy concentration basically if there to many enemies in that area it won't let you spawn there.


      My third idea is actually just a link to all my DLC and Game mode ideas http://community.callofduty.com/message/413718811#413718811.


      My 4th Idea is how you can make better and more epic DLC and is how you can get in touch with 100 percent of the community instead of a select few basically do a survey every week about the player's experience in the message of the day. Ask every question you can think of that way you get a better perceptive of how your multiplayer runs. Also in order to make better DLC and get better feedback start taking more risks either by making huge maps or adding a type of DLC that has never been added before or adding a type of map that hasn't been tried before. You can also add every non-wonder weapon from Zombies into the multiplayer since they share the same engine it will be great and simple weapon DLC because ram wouldn't be an issue at that point. Another thing you could try is have the communtiy vote on all your DLC ideas like you did with the camos only more choices so like if you have 10 map dlc ideas that you wanna try have the community vote for the top 5.


      Thank you for reading everyone including Treyarch hopefully something is fixed or tried out of these ideas.

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          Re: Suggestions to Treyarch

          Treyarch did you read this post yet?

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            Re: Suggestions to Treyarch

            I don't want the community voting on maps. We would all end up in maps the size of an oil barrel. Like shooting fish in a barrel, except everyone is a fish. Give us a variety of map sizes. Give us tanks on the large maps, and Ground-to-Air weapons to shoot out UAV, choppers, etc. Make it more war-like instead of the "carnival shooting gallery" that Black Ops 2 has become.


            To Treyarch I have some suggestions:

            1. Get

            2. Out

            3. Of

            4. Game

            5. Making

            6. Business

            7. Please!

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                Re: Suggestions to Treyarch

                I second this post. Treyarch focuses too much on the future and what gadgets to use on the guns instead of focusing on the multiplayer and guns itself. I never played a game where you don't even need to aim down; however,  you can just hipfire thru the whole match and get MAD kills.


                The whole weapon rank is too easy, I liked how MW2 made it a challenge to unlock other attachments for your guns rather then just getting kills to unlock attachments. Treyarch focusing on 2030,instead of focusing on 2013. Every since treyarch introduced Target finder sight,that what almost everyone depends on and uses no matter what gun they use. I always been a player who actualy runs around and get kills, not depend on retarded gadgets on my gun. Both MW3 and BO2 is a terrible COD game, tell me why do I need 3 perks on BO2 to be invisible to everything; however, I'm not invisible to the Sentry Gun though?


                Yes, Modern Warfare 2 messed up with the whole Tubing and One Man Army; nevertheless, it was the overall best COD game.

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