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        20. Re: Triple Capping = The end of friendships

        triple capping : it has lead to discussion among my coplayers too.


        If the enemy team sucks: go ahead

        If your team sucks and you can barely hold on to two flags: don't do it


        If you are fighting with an excellent team: go ahead, if you play it right (aka defenders at each flag) you can own the enemy.

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          21. Re: Triple Capping = The end of friendships

          in most of the games i play the spawn gets flipped immediatly anyway because of everyone that rushes the other side to killwhore. ive watched the spawns flip back and forth 3 times on rush just while capping a/b alone.....by myself....... because NO ONE on either team is bothering to cap a damn thing.



          so, if you are talking about a match where people are actually playing the objective? sure, ill agree with you 100%. if you are talking about the matches i have been playing lately?  your point is completely invalid in its conception because it assumes more than 2 out of 12 people playing objectives.

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            22. Re: Triple Capping = The end of friendships

            This is just beautifull, FINALLY SOMEONE WHO TRIPLE CAPS, seems like im not the only one, btw, if you triple cap on certain maps, enemies will spawn at the left side of A flag

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              23. Re: Triple Capping = The end of friendships

              Sometimes your teamates can be idiots or just plain blind I play the objective agressivly and ignore k/d ratio and we win and we finish a game victorious and I often have someone berate me for my kills versus my deaths (often negative) and I just sit there wondering if they even botherd to look at the stats that have to do with the objective, more captures than any of them, often more defends or at least in the top 3 defends.


              We won a game just last night where we won on capture the flag 5:1, 4 of the 5 carries was me. Also tied with the next top player on either side for flag returns. But I had only killed 9 people vs dying 23 times and one of my teamates send me a voice message telling my I was a sucky player who shouldn't play leage because I died 23 times to 9 kills. Really?  Did you not notice we WON and that I had ALL but 1 of the flag captures and more returns than anyone else on our team, tying for the most flag returns with the top defender on the opposite team? TIN round one one of them told two of us to stay back and defend while him and another guy would capture the flag we lost 0:1, so I took the inititive in round 2 and got 4 of our 5 captures. One other guy who like me had lower k/d stats noticed, even commented about me being sneaky on the captures (the other guys kept trying to go in hot) and super-fast with the flag and he started running with me as best he could to protect me. If it hadn't been for us our other two temates (incl the one who messaged me) would have ended the game with great k/d ratios for themselves but still have lost us the game. Some teamates just don't get it when it comes to objective based games.


              As for domination, I also tripple cap when I can, if it seems like we are up against a team that's a bit less organized and that we can pull it off and it often works. I'm often the first one on our team to go for the third flag. If the team is more organized that can sometimes be hard and become a problem so it's not always a great idea but I love doing it when I can and when it looks like it will work.



              Another ploy I use (wow, I'm giving away my strategies here on a public forum) is that with an organized team on the other side tripple capping is hard, as is holding the center flag which is usually a killing-field, so when I can get them on-board with me we let the other team take the center flag and while most of them are setting up to defend what they know will be hard (so they pull out their score streaks, etc) I get someone from my team sneak around and do a back-end capture with while most of the other team is busy defending the center. We go in stealthy killing whatever guy (if any) they left behind and take the other teams home flag. Forcing them to spawn in the center are where most of their team is. Then we have a divided team defending two flags at either end with the enemy in the center, all you need to pull it off is 1-2 of your teams best killers at either end, they can keep the other team so busy in the center making them THINK we're gonna try to take the center again that they never quite get around to really comming back after the far-end flags on either side. It works great for those maps where the center flag is a "suicide flag" anyway like cargo or meltdown.

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                24. Re: Triple Capping = The end of friendships

                200-0 all the way if you can get. It's called Domination for a reason. People only complain about triple caps because the can't spawn trap and get streaks. They've turned Domination into a dumbed down TDM with controllable spawns. If you get a good rhythm of flushing a team out of their home flag, letting them take yours and repeat the cycle you can rack up killstreaks quicker anyway. Bring on the chaos.

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                  25. Re: Triple Capping = The end of friendships

                  I spawn flip all the time. anyone who plays with me knows its gonna happen. its not that Im trying to flip the spawns its just I go where the killing is. if the killing is at A i go A. simple as that. People who get upset at spawn flips are upset because they were not paying attention and didnt see it coming. and player with half decent situational awareness can tell its coming.

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                    26. Re: Triple Capping = The end of friendships

                    Uuuh you don't hear that you're being dominated until the triple happens. The spirit of Dom is to triple cap and hence Dominate all the objectives.


                    Those who believe the objective is to cap two and spawn trap the other team at A or C are KD slaves who probably watched too many JNasty videos on YouTube.

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                      27. Re: Triple Capping = The end of friendships

                      You are playing the objective they are not they are instead spawn trapping which is just an exploit of the spawns it requires little to no skill and its just easy kills cause you know where they are always coming from its no different then using a map hack pretty much. It's called Domination not Capture 2 and Sit in Front of Their Spawn. Its not called Capture 2 Then Spawn Trap it's called Domination and it involves flags not kills so capture and defend the flags. People who capture 2 flags only are nothing more the dumbed down ex Battlefield players who only know how to exploit the spawns. They should just make it 50 points a kill again then make it where if you are defending or attack instead of only 125 points they use the 50 points and add it to attacking and defending and make it 175 points instead of 125 point.

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                        28. Re: Triple Capping = The end of friendships

                        I do often triple cap in Domination but I normally give warning to my teammates that I'm doing it so they are prepared for the spawn flip or I wait until my teammates are comfortable to make a move towards the third flag. I don't want to screw over my teammates streaks especially if they're getting closer to say an Orbital VSAT which can assist everyone with getting their streaks as well.


                        Triple capping can be risky at times especially against good teams and on the wrong maps. Nuketown is a perfect example of this as the opposition can literally spawn behind teammates trying to defend the B flag. The same applies to Hijacked etc.


                        I've got nothing against players who prefer holding two flags, it's not cheating in any way but so easy to do against inexperienced players.

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                          29. Re: Triple Capping = The end of friendships

                          Its the same in CTF, I've seen people grab the flag and hide while others farm kills, its stupid. Its called DOMINATION. Control ALL the flags, not A nd B or C and B and keep the spawns on one side. get all three, I can't see how you could lose if your constantly triple capping. Oh you lose A if you triple cap, ok so then you lose A, then you Lose C, guess what, your going to spawn at either A or C! They say all you need is 2 to win, true. But that doesn't mean you DONT TRY to triple Cap.

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