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    HOW CAN YOU COMPETE AGAINST CHEATERS WITH A SCORE LIKE  741,019,564 and 300,000,880 on career ps3  ?

      I no now you cant put names on here or shame people but you can see them on ps3 on career number 1 in the world people need to stop cheating Im starting to loose faith in this game how can you compete against people like that when they only been on 27 minutes  ? come on activation kick them on the career boards this is not on if they get band ?


      WHY IS THERE NAMES STILL UP ON THE TOP OF THE CAREER IN THE WORLD shouldn't they be gone . like you said before if they cheated don't you think they would of non about it by now well yes of cause they would of non BUT THERE NAMES ARE STILL UP THERE ?


      come on guys SOME THING NEEDS DOING check out there SPM < SCORE Per MINUTE ? this is not on what you doing guy sitting drinking tea and coffee guys ? WE ALL PAID YOU GOOD MONEY TO PLAY THIS GAME AND NO 1 SEEMS TO CARE ABOUT THE PEOPLE CHEATING ON THIS GAME  I liked all the other COD games as you say START AT THE TOP WORK YOUR WAY DOWN  ,


      I WOULD LOVE TO WORK FOR YOU GUYS ACTIVATION ID GO THROUGH THE LIST LIKE A TOOTH PICK and ban any 1 that's cheating Im shore it would be fun