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    Black Ops 2 zombies "Perma-Perks" not working properly

      Hello, I am experiencing some difficulties with the "Perma-Perks" not working properly. I was playing with my friend on zombies on the map Buried, which I just bought that day. I got Perma-PHD Flopper from jumping and taking fall damage 5-10 times which I accuired it. It seemed to disappear after every 2-5 rounds. I had to keep getting it. Also I had Perma-Quick Revive which was supposed to be by obtaining 15-20 revives in a match, in this case I got it from kniving a zombie. My Vengeance map pack is installed on my HDD and my Black Ops 2 data is installed on my Memory Unit on my Xbox 360. If I could get some help on this that would be great. Thanks!


      P.S. I may be able to obtain some Theater footage to show kind of what happened better if needed.