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    Dedicated severs on Cod Ghosts

      I think its about time that call of duty puts in dedicated servers into there game. Just image a online match with no lag or host advantage. We all know its expensive, but i think its time because it will take there game to another level.


      Check think link out aswell guys: [Removed by Moderator]

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          Re: Dedicated severs on Cod Ghosts

          All I know is that every game I've played where there are dedis I do not experience lag that is bad enough to cause me to rage quit. 99.9% of the time I've ever quit a match has been because of lag. I've never quit a Battlefield match because of lag. When there has been lag on Battlefield, you can hear everyone complaining about it at the same time. And it wasn't more then a week later that the lag would be dealt with because the changes to fix the lag were made on the dedis. Which also meant there was never a patch to download. The developer fixed it, and you would instantly see the improvement.


          So, yes, dedis would bring about an improvement in lag comp experiences I would bet.

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