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    Practicing Sharp Shooter in Solo

      Hi all just wondering if it is possible to get up to the Sharp Shooter (the last step of both EE on Buried) on solo or by yourself?


      I want to do it so I can practice the Sharp Shooter step by myself so I don't stop others from getting the achievement. I've attempted the Mine Games EE a few times but have failed at the final step twice now! My other team mates all said they had 100% but I knew I didn't :-(


      Thinking about the steps not sure if it is possible to do the Wisp step on either side by yourself. The switches step on Maxis side I think would rule out the his side, but I think I could get the maze/switches step done by myself if I could get past the Wisp step on the Richtofen side.


      Just after people's thoughts before I try it.

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