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    E.E. Tower of Babble (ToB on PS3)



      Add me on PSN Zombie-Hell-Fire . Send a message along with the friend request stating you would like to do the ToB EE.  


      Steps to complete the EE for Richtofen Side


      1. Build the Navcard Table if needed
      2. Turn Power On and wait until Samuel hears Richtofen Speak about us needing the Jet Gun built
      3. Build Jet Gun and heat up rock on navcard table
      4. Kill Zombies under Pylon in corn field to get Element 115 from zombies eyes with any explosive weapon, that includes the ray gun
      5. Have two players or more get the Emps from box to use on lamp post at diner and bus depot. Make portal and use the Emp then jump in and emp the one you teleport to at the same time as the other player or players.
      6. Easy as that