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    What are your overall COD stats?

      Just like the topic says. Not just in black ops 2 but over your entire COD career? Call of Duty is pretty much the only online FPS that i play. So i usually am on nightly putting work into one title or the other. So i am asking you to lay all your stats out on the table and to see if you are a true killer. I am bored at work today and figured it would make for a interesting topic. I will start:


      Black ops 2:

      42,530 kills

      1396 wins

      K/D 1.84

      W/L 4.10



      91,881 kills

      42,535 deaths

      8,376 wins

      762 losses


      Black ops 1 ( my current fulltime COD to get to 15th prestige Currently @ 11th)

      29,589 kills

      16,284 deaths

      1,537 wins

      358 losses



      109,105 kills

      73,938 deaths

      4,944 wins

      885 losses


      World At War

      106,683 kills

      64,738 deaths

      4,379 wins

      2,830 losses




      77,430 kills

      43,230 deaths

      3576 wins

      2211 losses



      COD 3

      44,033 kills

      26,129 deaths

      967 wins

      643 losses.





      501,251 kills

      291,854 estimate figuring 25,000 deaths from Blops 2

      25,099 wins

      8078 losses Figuring 400 from Blops 2

      Overall K/D 1.72

      Overall W/L 3.71


      Yes i have no life and die way to much.

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          Re: What are your overall COD stats?

          I have no clue. But I do know that they have gotten better since I first played Online MP with WaW and COD4, so that is all that matters to me.

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            Re: What are your overall COD stats?

            don't know - never looked or had the need to for any of the CoD games.


            stats are worthless in the GAME and are the route cause of dashboarding and boosters

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              Re: What are your overall COD stats?

              Not sure about all the totals but.... Black Ops was my first online multiplayer of any kind. K/D: .81 SPM: 180 and W/L 42%. Black Ops 2: K/D: 1.62  SPM: 291 and W/L 56%. I have tried really hard to get better and am happy even though those aren't exactly stellar stats. I have fun and continue to get better. I also could have better stats but I play solo 99% of the time. In Blops I mainly played DOM and in Blops 2 I mainly play FFA and TDM. I am decent in all gamemodes however I choose not to play them often due to being solo. It's funny that I have about 40 friends who play but I enjoy just running by myself. IDK Hopefully next cod I will improve some more.

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                Re: What are your overall COD stats?

                Don't really care about stats, but for sake of conversation my K/D is 1.17 w/272 SPM. Play mostly TDM, but in objective games I usually have well over 300 SPM. My favorite stat is Combat Axes thrown 96,000 + and kills almost 12,000 lol. I try to bank axes, hit cross maps, etc. so that's why I throw so many. 8,000 + ballistic knife kills. Other than that I've used every gun and almost have 1K kills with all of them. Done w/camo and prestiging them. Not sure about W/L. We lose alot trying to go for a kill cam in TDM.

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                    Re: What are your overall COD stats?

                    Like the author I go back and play the older titles. In fact his COD4 and MW2 stats are very close to mine. I think he may have a few more kills in MW3 than I do. I did not play BLOPS1 very much as I was so in love with MW2 that it was a shock to my system and it is still my least liked COD. I cannot remember my COD2 stats however in COD3 I was ranked about 119 as a Rifleman at one time. I still miss my Kar98 from that game.I also wish WAW had not been hacked. That game was great with friends.

                    I will not trade in or sell my 360 (an MW2 one at that) because I cannot see myself not playing these games.

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