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    Pros And Cons Of Buried?

      Just want to do a friendly discussion with you guys talking about the pro and cons of the new map and wanting to see what people like and dislike about the map?

      So here's my take on it.


      Medium size map not to big but not to small.

      It's a challenge when you don't have the Paralzyer or PHD to save yourself when getting cornered.

      A good selection of perks and persisant upgrades.

      Bank and fridge.

      You can get more then 4 perks !

      Chalk weapons.

      FIRE SALE!

      All the good things you can do with Cletus. (my name for the hillbilly)

      Easy way to get to pack a punch. No putting a turbine down somewhere.No waiting for a elevator. No refueling a plane.




      BOX WEAPONS! Why did they get rid of the death machine?

      EASTER EGG nuff said.

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          Re: Pros And Cons Of Buried?


          To many buildables. Promotes extreme camping. I literally went two rounds sometime in the twenties yesturday without having to fire a single shot just to see if I could. I went and made some peanut butter and jelly sammiches with a tall glass of milk.


          Pros: Everything else. I love releasing the Ghost when randoms don't expect it and have lots of points.

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            Re: Pros And Cons Of Buried?

            i think i can summin up in 2 phrases


            amazing features. terrible map like why not just make the radiation part the main part

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              Re: Pros And Cons Of Buried?

              its a awesome map what makes it so good is that there are no training spots so it makes you think and play different thank other maps adds diversity so the game witch I like a lot.

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                  Re: Pros And Cons Of Buried?

                  To gman and sparklenova:


                  Wtf do you mean no training? There are plenty of training spots. Yes there are way more good camping spots, but there are still several good training spots.


                  Out front by general store and jail house is one. Do a loop starting by the box and running down the porch then over to the jail debris, then along the wall back to the box. Or you can start there and do a loop or whatever and then run up the stairs to the top floor of the jailhouse and then through to the connection hoary to the barn and jump off and start over.


                  In the trees beside the fountain that leeroy has to break. There's a nice big circle you can run here. I run clockwise by the fence entrance, along the wall, then behind the top of the rock they jump down from and then cut over in front of the bottom of the rock once I have them piled up. Then they all jump down from the rock in one swoop almost and you just mow then down.


                  Do circles by the maze fountain. You can jump over the hole if you need to to regain your train if some break off to go the other way around.


                  Inside the fence area in front of the house. There is a big rock in the middle that helps line them up once your ready to now them down.


                  Then there are other trains you can do running through more of the buildings, but I won't get into that now. But these are a few good ones that work out very well.

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                  Re: Pros And Cons Of Buried?


                  -as said before, this map is designed to discourage training, like other maps have attempted to do in the past but buried was the first map to make it WORK

                  -The paralyzer. Its just downright awesome

                  -Vulture aid

                  -STAMINAMINAMINUP on a map that dosen't suck

                  -Creepy atmosphere. You have to admit you nearly sh1t your pants the first time you went in the mansion. That b1tch still gives me a good jumpscare once and a while


                  -Its very fun. But at least for me it felt like a map we have had for a while after about 4 days. While mob of the dead still felt brand new and interesting for the first two weeks before becoming a regular.

                  -Its a bit cramped...and the box spawns are spread out really weird. so are the perks. IMO stamin-up isnt exactly everyones top favorite perk, so putting it in the gazebo..just seems strange. Mule kick might have been better there.

                  -The shooting gallery step of the EE. Nuff said.

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                    Re: Pros And Cons Of Buried?


                    -Paralyzer - just absolute fun

                    - Leroy (or whatever you wanna call the big guy). really cool addition to the game

                    - the Mansion with ghosts is pretty neat idea

                    -Vulture Aid

                    - this map is just fun to play (***-see below). I didn't really like the last 2 installments of Zombies. Buried got me playing again.



                    - ***= while this map is fun to play, there is just too much stuff to do that slows the game down to an almost crawl, especially if you're playing with randoms. 4 buildables, getting Leroy to break down barriers, going around finding keys once your idiot teammates shoot Leroy & nobody close enough to get into jail before him, putting chalk guns on walls, etc. add all this stuff along with   hitting the mystery box, pack a punch, etc.  it seems like 85-90% of the time playing this map is running around doing stuff while having crawlers. I know you do some of this on other maps, (but it's usually in the higher rounds.)... it just seems ridiculously exaggerated on Buried. there have been games where we play for 45 minutes to an hour , and not even get to round 10 yet.

                    - the Maze - I absolutely hate this. and the fact that it changes randomly is even worse. guess i'm horrible at figuring them out, because i've gotten lost out there more times than i can count.

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                      Re: Pros And Cons Of Buried?

                      Pros: LEROY can do everything!!! can build your buildables with candy, can keep the mystery box in one spot with booze, can change any flash perk with candy (best to do in bank change money into max ammo), can hold crawlers. 


                      7 perks and the ghosts are not that bad to deal with.


                      Cons: Anim error/too much stuff on the map at once

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