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    dimension x


      the battle of richtofen & maxis  a 2 sided world where you can only enter in your dreams


      while a person keeps you alive while fighting off zombies will you help maxis or rictofen


      ooo what is this a mystery box that says add parts ....  after adding Parts to the mystery box only can be open while your in a dream state ..


      supernatural mystery box : which holds all the wonder weapons of every map but there can only be one this will play a big roll in the success of the obtaining absolute power cause these wonder guns must all be used too trigger off certain objectives .....


      nothing for the right d-pad now there is a equipable item that can only be lost when down a AMULET imagine the power too control the zombies

      there nothing attacking you but is helping fight  THE DREAM ZOMBIES  which you will have to order the zombies too enter a vessel too power up the supernatural For imense power


      who is the ghost like lady figure trapped in the cell could this be Samantha soul


      new perk:Redbull  the power too trample over zombies


      lol i wish