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    Bo 2 strategy and tactics

      Hey all, I am one who loves Hardpoint... well I like all the game modes specifically CTF, KC, HP in that order but anyways, I wanted to start a discussion on Hardpoint strats and tactics. but now going with just tactics for multiple game modes.


      Hardpoint is about knowing the game. The Points cycle is the same everytime through so you know where to be and when to be there. This forces you to plan ahead, "Where is it going to be?" "are the enemies already there?" "If they are how should I go about killing them?" In League when playing with masters You will likely hear people talking about anchoring.


      Anchoring is important because it keeps you closer to the objective. An anchor point is a place that holds your team to a specific spawn. Not holding these points makes it a bit more difficult as the enemy can quickly spawn back in, and reinforce the hardpoint. and more often then not the anchor point is in a position to defend on of the flanks. On Slums one anchor is the Fountain and the other is the parking lot. By holding these you greatly improve your chances of winning. A good team will aim to take the anchor point.


      But now a bit deeper into that part. Who on your team should be there Ideally? The anchor points are a high value target if you will XD, Expect it to be attacked by some of their best players... if not all... As such you should have your Second best player/killer or your best long range killer, holding this point. They will likely have to fight off 2 or more enemies at a time. The anchor points are not entirely easy to take though. They are a safe haven filled with cover.


      The next bit is the hardpoint itself, Who should sit on it directly? Honestly, Sitting on the hardpoint should be for one of your lower players. Reason being is that Ideally they shouldnt be seeing too much fighting. Thats because the rest of the team will be pushing out from the capture point and creating I guess a perimeter  (o.o that word looks odd dont know why). This is What I do in just about all game modes. It gives me tons of kills, tons of score per minute, defends the objective be forcing the other team back, and is just fun. Im not saying that I never touch the objective. quite the opposite. I secure the objective and then move on. If the opposing team is on it I move to kill them all, once that is done and the hardpoint is in our control I switch to pushing them back.


      At no point should you ever have more then 2 on the hardpoint. everyone else should be close by but not on it.


      Here is a game I had on cove that shows what Im talking about.


      anyone have a different strategy?

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          Re: Hardpoint strategy and tactics

          ah I forgot to talk about classes. While its upto you what you want, There are perks/weapons/attachments that work better for what your doing.


          Those on the hardpoint should have Flackjacket, The ones holding the Anchor points should have a Full auto AR for range and RoF up close. I personally recomend it with a laser sight. I tend to transition from ADS to Hipfire and back in the middle of gunfights. Gives you just enough maneuverability (did I spell that right? spell check thinks so...) to put you our of their line of fire for just long enough for you to land those crucial last 2 bullets.


          If your an Objective slayer like me you will benifit from Light wieght, Toughness, Tac mask, Extreme conditioning. At the moment I am favoring my Type-25 with quick draw and laser sight. Honestly I dont ever use cold blooded or fast hands. I never use equipment so its pointless and Im confident enough in my gun skills to take on head glitchers strait up. So MMS and target finders are not a big deal to me. I never check anyways. If I die I died. spawn me back in so I can get revenge.

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              Re: Hardpoint strategy and tactics

              Here is a supplemental video discussing classes for Hardpoint, and CTF for that matter, although mine is slightly different as its geared towards League Play.  Like I say in the video, there really arent that many options when it comes to these two games modes.  There are about 2 ARs and 3 SMGs that you can run, and those five guns are gonna be about the only guns you see when playing league play.  If you play pub Hardpoint you will see a bit more variety when it comes to the guns.


              I also cover which perk combos a viable as well.  Perks are going to depend on what kind of player youre going to be.  If youre going to be rushing the hardpoint then youll want to use one set of perks, whereas if youre anchoring youll want to you another set of perks. 


              Really enjoyed Deamonomic's video, very nice job dude.  Hope you dont think Im trying to hijack just trying to supplement.  Im really falling in love with Hardpoint because its a fast-paced objective game but there is a lot of strategy that goes into it as well.



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                  Re: Hardpoint strategy and tactics

                  Oh dont worry about it. I welcome your video . Im loving my type 25 right now. I dont use stock because one... its evil XD, If im in  a gun fight and need a speed boost i switch out to hip-fire for 2-3 shots then back in. It gives you just enough to move out of the way. I dont use any secondaries as I use my main exclusively. Dont need equipment, Died enough times throwing crap to have decided its a waste of effot. If its a kill streak in the air, Ill try to yell out to my team "everyone, put one clip into that thing right now"... not everyone listens. Its a quick effective way to shoot stuff down.



                  For some reason I cant aim worth crap with my PDW it used to be my best weapon but now I just cant control the recoil... So now my SMG is the Vector... the type 25 of the SMG's .


                  and I have to agree with that in toughness. one missed shot is the difference. When I miss I dont blame anything but myself for the death. I missed. had I not missed I would have won. >.<


                  Good video, good gameplay. I love hardpoint because of the same thing. thats why I cant agree with those who want the spawns random. In having them set, you set up specific metting points and times clashes. Ideally both teams should be heading to it at the same time and fighting over it in a bloody brawl. But some teams wait until it appears to go after it, which is almost always a mistake. Now you have to plan out how your going to get in there and take it. you have to know where they will be set up to kill you, behind what counter or rock? Figuring that out increases the odds youll accuratly land your shots right away.


                  In my honest opinion, the best player on the team gets to do what ever he or she wants. they should never be tethered to a job they dont need to do if its not what they want. Reason being is, Im a far deadlier player running around then I am holding the objective. Reason being Is I can win most gun fights. My play style also provides the benifits of Score streaks. It creats a sort of buffer zone. If I die up towards the middle haveing pushed them back (killed 2-3 of em) then chances are I will spawn in a semi decent location to cut them off before they get to the objective or caped it.


                  In CTF I defend the flag guy. I get the cut offs.  I do it because I know the spawns. I know where you will be coming from and when. As such I should be there ready to kill you rather then having a gaint KILL ME! sign on me head XD. Im more effective for my team as a wall. And my friends all agree with me on that. they have said so on more the one occasion.



                  I decided to play league today. Played my 5 placements of champions I think I won all of them and got placed in silver >.<. Dont know why. Maby I died too much? stuggled a tad bit to much? I dont know. From my point of view I kicked ass every placement. But then again I might be mistaken. I have them recorded so Ima upload them. maby you can help me figure out why.


                  Edit: So I looked at each of the games, and I won all 5 by a decent margin. The first game saw the entire opposing team rage quit It was CTF we won with 6 flag caps before they all quit out. I was 15 -7 with 1 capture top player. on my team we had a master rank, 1 platinum, 1 silver and me. On the opposing team was one unranked, 2 silver and 1 gold. Unfair In my opinion as the game soon proved. My score at by the time they quit was 1850... it was a very slow boring game.


                  Next game  Hardpoint on slums: 31 - 11 K/D, 5 captures, 11 defends, Won 250 - 44. On my team we had 1 platinum, 2 silver and me. On the opposing team they had 1 iron, 1 gold, 1 silver and 1 unranked. No one quit this game. 3675 score.


                  Next game Hardpoint Yemen: 6500 Score, 49-23 8 captures 13 defends. My team: 1 silver 1 bronze 1 unranked and me. enemy:  3 iron 1 gold (we're sorry)

                  nah just kidding. they werent as terrible as you would think. ... I will say I now hate stuns with a passion only rivaled by my hate for MW2. One of our team members was basically goofing off. And the other team knew the hard points and knew to go after them before it spawned. and they were to my annoyance successful of this a good amount. The end score was 233-180.


                  I dont know. Looking at these and looking at the players I was up against, Im assuming the game thought I should have done alot better. Didnt start seeing gold or platinum until after the placements. Unfortunatly there is only so much you can do if the opposing team isnt doing much or leaves. Maby I should try harder? XD Marvelknight the guy I was playing with thinks its because I was with him that We were getting lower ranked players. he was silver when I started my placements.






                  You play on PC?



                  Well let me change the title of this thread to include multiple game modes.

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                      Re: Hardpoint strategy and tactics

                      Only thing I can think of is you just had bad luck and went against poor competition and even though you won all five, you didnt beat any masters or platinums.


                      Letting you know right now that the ranking system and the points awarded for wins and points deducted for losses sometimes make no sense.


                      I play with a guy every once in a while who is a Masters Rank 2, Im Platinum Rank 4.  There are games we win where he get +150 and I get +50, even though Im a lower rank.  Same thing when we lose occasionally, Ive lost -150 at times where he will only get -90 or something, **** is confusing and frustrating.

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                          Re: Hardpoint strategy and tactics

                          TheOSUistheSHIZ wrote:


                          Only thing I can think of is you just had bad luck and went against poor competition and even though you won all five, you didnt beat any masters or platinums.


                          Letting you know right now that the ranking system and the points awarded for wins and points deducted for losses sometimes make no sense.


                          I play with a guy every once in a while who is a Masters Rank 2, Im Platinum Rank 4.  There are games we win where he get +150 and I get +50, even though Im a lower rank.  Same thing when we lose occasionally, Ive lost -150 at times where he will only get -90 or something, **** is confusing and frustrating.

                          it depends on how well he did against how well the game thinks he should have done. If it feels you should have done better against the opposing team you lose more points. or atleast thats the theory. Im platinum now. Didnt take long. After I got placed been playing more masters and platinum. Soon. masters.

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                    Re: Bo 2 strategy and tactics

                    Kill confirmed. Like hardpoint I am loveing Kill confirmed. Lately Ive been going around 50 kills per game and around 15 or so deaths. Been having a blast. What I do when I play Kill confirmed is basically the same thing I do when I play just about any of them. Figure out where the opposing team likes to go and go there my self. And by that I mean the largest group I can find.   I might die But chances are I will kill enough to earn a UAV which will help the rest of my team as well as give me focus on areas.


                    what I have noticed is players dont expect you to bum rush them after they have shot you. they expect you to hide. Sometimes you do actually come across someone who does expect it. Best way to do this is to briefly pop around the corner and give them just enough time to think your running. then come back out ready to fire.


                    The other thing is closing the distance, If your out of view of the enemy, Charge forward. use that Blank spot in their vision. If they know you have seen them, most players start aming in at where they expect you will pop out. And they expect you to be aimed in inching around. By rushing up where they cant see you, your no longer where they are aimed at and that is just enough time to end them, specifically if you gain an advantage such as cover.


                    An example is that one strech on aftermath from the library window to the buss. There is a large support beam... thing that is big enough to block the the view of anyone using that window as a camp spot. Its also the best way to deal with snipers


                    heres a game I played yesterday. I used my Type 25, with laser sight, and quick draw. Perks: Lightwieght, Hardline, Toughness, ninja, extreme conditioning. I just hate hearing my own footsteps. My kill streaks are UAV, Counter UAV, Swarm. I like being able to let me team know that there is a guy behind them, even though they sometimes still dont get the memo.... and I like denying the enemy their minimap. It annoys me to no end. I like knowing where my team is. Helps me figure out where the enemy team is. If they dont have a mini map they also cant hunt down my teams red dots. Add into this that they have a guy trying to take it down whos rather vulnerable, its win win. And the swarm was... well I just unlocked it recently



                    In this game I had played these guys several times, each time I was the top player in the lobby by a decent bit. But they wont the search game. I sent them a message saying GG. It was fun even though I hate search. Next up was Kill confirmed On rush. I was seeking to end the night on a win and ended up going 53-12 with 34 tag collects and 5 denies. My goal was to like I said, find where they liked to go and meet them there. Im also a promoter of using Cover for myself. It doesnt make sense why you would over expose yourself, make yourself a bigger easier targer when there is another option available. Now Im not talking about being able to kill with your eye brows. Agressively advance towards the enemy to catch them off guard.



                    this strategy has its draw backs though... there are usually 3 or more. You kill one. you kill two... maby 3 but then 4th kills ya. Kinda the biggest hazzard of charging strait at their spawning point.


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                      Re: Bo 2 strategy and tactics



                      Hey all, This short post will be about Domination.


                      One thing that has always erked me about players in this game is the fact that my team just about always all jumps on A or C. This erks me because Ideally, you want your team to move to secure B and thwart the other team from gaining it. A or C can always be back capped later. Sure everyone jumping on the flag caps it faster, but the sooner your team is at B, the sooner you can fight off the opposing team who just capped their flag supper fast, rather then meeting them at the same time in the middle.


                      Past that, I dont push towards the final flag, mainly because with most teams, they cant handle it. A spawn flip will cause your team to lose momentum in many cases. As such I grab B, I move towards A but no all the way, and begin preventing them from getting any further. If on hijacked I will prevent you from coming into the middle.


                      When taking or planting objectives, It is incredibly important to have alteast someone push up and start killing ahead of the flag. 1 this gives you one less direction to watch. 2 he will buy you precious few seconds by not only pushing the opposing team back (killing and forcing them to spawn farther away) but by also preventing them from throwing their grenades onto the objective. How many of you have been caping the flag only to see that Grenade or C4 pack flop onto the ground infront of your face? My goal is to prevent them from even doing that.


                      Other then that only take New flags as needed.

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