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    Easter Egg


        I would like to know what Treyarch/Trollarch was thinking when they gave us these Easter Eggs?  


      You know how hard it is to find players that will actually complete the Easter Egg? Let me tell you I have probably, let me see, went through approximately


      100,000+ lobbies with splitscreeners, no mics, music playing, kid squeaking, loud mouth, singing, drunk, high, low spoken, choppy mic, can't listen, can't hear, muted, etc players. Then when I find three mic players that that are non of the above


      They troll, Quit, don't know how to play or just saying they don't know how to play to make it harder to complete the Easter Egg, never watched how to do the Easter Egg or know how but are willing to do the ee (which always fails), They can't hear/listen and repeat what you just said or ignore it, kill the last zombie, get mad, get downed, etc  Then when I do if I do complete the EE which I haven't done in tranzit yet and don't think I will but have in other maps, I feel like I did everything myself and they let me complete the ee out of pitty.  


      Now tell me why I should play this game again?

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          now tell my why would  you do a easter egg with randoms.

          don't you have friends? or send people who are acceptable a friend request and then team up.

          and if everything that your'e doing here is complaining, then why did you come to cod elite to tell your sad story ?

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            Because you need to finish the easter eggs. Bullshit aside you just need to find the right group of ppl. Befriend someone who is on par with you at the very least so then it can be 2 of you complaining about this until you have your team. Im currently trying to complete all 3 EE's and know how to do them, but I have a **** connection, and 2 ppl short.