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    DLC ideas and Prestige ideas for Ghosts


      For the next Call of duty they should add more maps from previous call of duties. In MW3 they added Terminal which i loved playing, and in BO2 they have added Summit and Firing Range.I loved the Black ops maps and these were my favorite maps out of any of the call of duties. For the dlc's for ghosts half of the maps should be previous maps in previous call of duties. Same thing for like the Zombies, they should add previous zombies maps.I also heard an idea where we should get more guns for when we prestiged or guns from previous call of duties. I think this would encourage the idea of prestiging. I know people where they wont prestige since they have all the guns and that they dont want to lose there things. They should add guns for certain levels for certain prestiges. Let it be a mystery, we dont need to know the stats for these guns.

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          I, presonally, wouldn't like to see recycled maps from previous titles reutrn to current games, because it makes the game get old quickly and just more dull with less freshness. We need a NEW Call of Duty game, not an old one. And while yes, I would have preferred to play CoD4, WaW, MW2 & BO1 maps in MW3 and BO2, because I don't like the map design and the maps overall of these last two games, I think that we mustn't have old maps in new titles. Why? Because that way we won't get our new Afghan, Crash, Bog, Castle, Firing Range, Nuketown, WMD, Grid, Highrise, Salvage etc. We won't get hose new maps that just feel brilliant and always fun to play. Adding old maps reduces the chance we will get our new favorite maps.

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            DLCs should be a way for devs to experiment with maps that didnt quite get the GO in the brainstrom process. Im talking that these maps should be drastic. Not just a map with an earthquake that crackes the ground a bit, or water that rushes through the middle of the map. We need something we havent seen. I think for DLC they bring vehicles back into maps. Just have a huge map (because I know were are not getting a HUGE map on release) and put a vehicle for each side. Im not talking tanks just humvees with a machine gun. Unless you have other ideas for map DLCs let me know. Or create a map that has a tower in the middle and both teams fight to secure the whole building. It works like hardoint but the map objective is on top of the roof (highest story of the building) the whole time. Maybe like a 4 story bulding and when you get to the top, you need like 2-3 people on the roof to get points. While both teams fight for the roof, there should be many ways to get to the roof, and the building should be tall and skinny. This map should not only be designed for this gametype either. This map should be very big, but it offers many different gamemodes and the hardpoint gamemode should be what it speacilizes in. As for camo DLCs....NO. I know most people enjoy this, but it seems that ghosts is going for the "personlize" your character theme. With camo DLCs everyone will look the same. Camos should be rewards based off of skill, whether it be win 100 matches in a row or place top ten in masters on league play.

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              This baffles me. COMPLETELY baffles me.


              We have a new game coming out. A new game coming out ON A NEW GENERATION OF CONSOLES... and you are asking for maps we have all played thousands of times. Why?


              No. I want entirely new maps. I want to see them integrate as much creativity and innovation into each and every map as possible. I want to see destruction. I want to see dynamic maps. I want to see things we haven't seen before. I want maps that never play the same way twice. I don't want maps like Terminal, where I am playing the same exact match I played 4 years ago.


              DLC should be a chance for the Devs to really shine. To pull out all the cards and really give us something that pops. Take some chances and create new environments and scenarios. I have always thought it would be cool to, rather than bring back OLD maps, perhaps bring out a new map that takes place adjacent to the action in the old map. Take your Terminal example. What if, rather than just slapping a fresh coat of paint on it, they recreated a brand new Map from the perspective of the next terminal building over. When you pulled out or looked outside the boundaries you would see the details of the original, but with a whole new layout and original design. That would make far more sense to me than asking for them to rehash old maps.


              Putting out this much money for a new game, and maybe even a new console... I want new stuff. New Stuff that shows the creativity of the devs and the power of the system. Don't hamstring these Devs by demanding old guns and maps, you are only hurting both us and them by limiting what the possibilities are.


              As for Prestige, I would like to see it become more valuable. There is a lot of controversy about adding weapons, as questions of balance come into play. I would like to see them take the Prestige Awards to the next level. Make it so that there are so many things in the game you really need to Prestige to be able to use and appreciate them all. Improve the Prestige Rewards so that you aren't stuck with a Refund or Reset once you add Classes. Make it so that there are worthwhile reasons to Prestige, but they have to be non-gameplay impacting. You can't punish folks who don't have time to keep leveling up by imbalancing the game however you have to offer a real incentive to keep ranking up. Quite the challenge to be sure.

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                  Definitely new maps rehashed maps don't have the same excitement as when they were new, take nuketown 2025 or even firing range or summit not the same. The best maps are new and fresh. some of the best maps from mw3 were in the 1v1 games which should have been in all mulplayer games .

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                      NEWS MAPS DEFINATELY!!! the last thing i want to see is a RE-MAKE of dome or village just 200 years in the future!!. i never played black ops 1 ( i was looking farward to see and play uplink,nuketown,studio but thats because i havent played them ever!) these people make alot of money and to be honest they earn should be making 'NEW' maps if you want to play the old maps then play the old game!!

                      The devs do work hard to bring us a game every year but in actual fact they have 2 years to design the new game as IW + 3ARC swap each year and really 2 years and they revamp maps with a bit of colour and a new car here or there.

                      REMEMBER this is next-GEN  gaming a chance to do something different..

                      Fingers crossed they do it this year!!!

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                    what i think they should do is bring out new maps with dlc and bring back the favourite maps, but it won't be the same, they said that the maps would be destructive so if they bring back the favourites like terminal they should make the surroundings destroyable, you should be able to see te damage done to the plane and with new maps they bring they should be cars lying around that you can jump in and drive or use to kill,

                    with prestiging you should have to reset your progress and unlock again, it brings more xp but they should add more attatcments each prestige and more camos to unlock, you should be able to unlock full gun customization like in tom clancy's ghost recon future soldier, but only if you fully prestige that weapon, and each ranking prestige should bring out extra guns or equipment, and as you fully prestige you should be able to chose a weapon for free and be able to apply your own camo that you make. i also reckon when you try to stab someone that they have a button sequence to start a nife fight and for the other person enough time to attack unless it's from behind, and if it's like up high like on the top of a roof or something that you should be able to grab someone and throw them off the roof, and if you knife from the back there should atleast be a little scene your character does when he knifes.