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      I JUST WENT ON TO ELITE TV AND THE SYSTEM IS THE SAME WAY AS I DO MY UNLOCKS  for example this is how i do mine similar

      for instance , a lot of people do worry about the KDR ( Kill ,Death , Ratio )ok if you start fresh get your kdr up to as much as you can wild your at a low level say like from 1 kill to 30,000 kills your kdr after 30,000 should slow down say when you get to 40,000 kills its like takes maybe 1000 kills for you KDR to go up by 1 so you should be around 2.00 or over if not don't worry stick to 1 weapon for a wile till you kdr is slowed down THEN THE FUN BEGINS on CHALLENGES


      remember when you do challenges your KDR  will drop very slowly as you loose by kills to deaths you must get them back or later on you will find it hard to get it back up on your kdr


      xp on WEAPONS

      doing weapon challenges as there no xp weekend you still have XP challenges on your like Leveling up your gun to PRESTIGE WEAPON level max you only get to do this twice so get the max out of it also doing your attachments for the guns when you prestige you don't loose your guns as some people think if your not shore ask some 1 i no you don't every thing you unlock you keep but when you prestige you must level up till you get to your gun and what ever you attachments you unlocked on it will still be there if



      will some calling cards you have on them Tier 1 of 3 or Tier 1 of 5 for instance tier 1 of is 10 kills so if its on 5 of 5  to 500 kills on that challenge Tier 1 of 3 is to 300 you on the last Tier you could do is if you like prestige 2 or more you could think about how to get up the Ranks faster by using the challenges LIKE SO at the end of your challenges could be a whopping  5000 or 10000 XP REMEMBER I call it to rank up get as much XP OUT of the game as much as you can to level up


      last TIER 5of 5  ok say claymores of BOUNCING BETTYS for example

      im going to stop at say 298 on my claymores and bouncing bettys so when i do hit 300 you get 5000 XP yep

      on you EQUIPMENT CHALLENGES there's 75,000 XP the time you stopped all your challenges at 298 when you prestige and your going through the ranks starts finishing your challenges and banging out the XP its makes you rank faster its good on leveling almost finishes every challenges now Im banging it out



      perks are the same jest watch what Tier your on cause some are 100 , 200 ,250 ,500, 1 thing im good at is leveling up and always do the challenges im very high up on the game in the world if you like to add me send me a pm are welcome always happy to share my experience on this game if you like to share the same always happy to have a good team mate   please no bad comments if you like to share yours let people no how you do yours  


      challenge hunter come join the party or if not under stand always speak to the complaints department hold a granada and pick a number this way you will find the game much easy way to level up and work your way around the game what's your way of leveling up ?


      the good thing about challenges if you start on at the beginning at the end when people are trying to do them you have already done them