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    [3ARC]Do something with parties

      Hi there,


      The game is getting quite boring with parties in most of gametypes. Some game mods are impossible to play even if you outfrag ennemies (tried on hardpoint and headquarter today).

      That's too unfair, you kill an ennemy, his mate kill you 1 second later. tried every perks and attachments but it's no way to play random vs parties with teamspeak. It's even worst when parties are organised, so you get spawn raped the whole map with sentries everywhere if you have a chance to go out of your spawn without dying. So, the only thing i can do is to play TDM over and over pff.


      I know this have already been discuted in Momba1 thread but as 3arc did not answer after over 6000 views, I post it there.


      So 3arc:

      • make parties visible to others players (color or tag or whatever).
      • modify the matchmaking to meet parties vs parties and random vs random


      I guess it's not that hard to code as random coders are able to hack any COD, you should be able to modifie this..


      I wait an answer from 3arc


      Ps: another time, sry if bad english

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          Re: [3ARC]Do something with parties

          The only reason you want to see parties is so you can avoid them. There is already a playlist where no parties are allowed and no one plays it. Not only that it is an exact copy of the most popular game mode Chaos Moshpit but the only difference is no parties.



          Also trayarch never answers here.

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              Re: [3ARC]Do something with parties

              I assume you play in parties every time to speak like that. Not my case and YES i want to have fun without to be pissed by parties.So if they are colored I can avoid them indeed. What's wrong with that ?


              And perhaps parties will fight vs parties finally because atm parties avoid parties and try to find match vs random to pwn the game easy. The worst is they try to hide by using different tags, especially when huge K/D or SPM and It totally ***** the game in most objective mods, everybody can notice it.

              Sry but playing unfair games every times wihout a chance to do better than 90-200 is pretty boring after few rounds. I hope you can understand that.


              Also, the "playlist without parties" is a joke because of the gametype rotation + never seen anybody there since ages.


              So, if 3arc cares about players , they should do something about parties.

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              Re: [3ARC]Do something with parties

              Well you already know my feeling on the subject and I do play in Parties, but in the beginning I preferred not to and played as a Random. Anyone who says Parties don't have an advantage is pulling your chain. Yes, you should be able to decide in-lobby to play against a Party otherwise IF the Party is 'good' then you pull in countless Random's who continue to 'Rage Quit' or better DO NOT want to put up with the crap and their (Random's) huge disadvantages.

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                  Re: [3ARC]Do something with parties

                  I have no problem to play vs skilled players, it's like that you progress. But the problem is when they are in the same team, make the game totally unbalanced. I'm not used to ragequit, so i (try to) play the game till end. And the nex time, they are again in the same team.. so i leave..


                  Another thing they should do, is allow a player to join a friend ONLY if it is in he same team. Last time, i had a guy in my team, and his clanmate in the opposite team and they did not shooted at themselves lol. Worst, several times the guy in my team was behind me and i got stabbed by his clanmate from the opposite team. Watched at the killcam and we clearly see my ally let him kill me and probably gave him my position via teamspeak.. Obviously, they both were top players in each team at the end.. it's another so lame example..

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                      Re: [3ARC]Do something with parties

                      Out of simple etiquette I never simply join a person for a party or in particular join a person In-Game. So 100% of the time I either ask or they ask me, that way everything is 'cool' and no one feels mad or in particular stalked. IF folks simply join me without asking after I've explained the rules, see below, then they earn themselves a Steam 'Block.'


                      Simple Rules:

                      1. Always ask before joining a party.
                      2. Never join in-game.
                      3. Meet in the lobby.
                      4. Open Mic - adjust Mic settings to avoid feedback or use push-to-talk


                      Listen if anyone gets it I do, and everyone with so called friends has horror stories; hence the 'rules.'


                      My example - (I assume you know how hard a Trip-Cap is to obtain) - way long ago I was invited to a very strong party, and told my friend to join and stay only if he's on the same team and if not to leave. Well he stayed and all he did was camp his flag and cap just before the 3:00 min was up. I immediately Blocked him, and didn't speak to him for about a month, it was his 3rd breaking of the rules. Now this is a guy I had known for 3+ years, now 4+ years. After I got my Trip-Cap later and cooled off we're friends again.


                      Pff ... I know parties and clans that 100% of the time you're going to be pubstomped with perpetual VSAT, EMP, K9, Lodestar, VTOL, SWARM not to mention going negative big-time. Damn right I'm quitting (Rage Quit) or you name it the hell out of that game. It's no damn fun for me and why should I be miserable! Not to mention often being spammed into that crap mid-game. So if I have a couple 0's on my combat Record who gives a crap.


                      Also, Boosters use that Join In Progress loophole.


                      Yesterday most of the night we played a private party of 4 v 4 + 4 bots on each side with no scorestreaks and had a blast. Everyone was in the same huge open mic voice chat, we balanced the teams, and had no problems. We all went into this knowing the rules up-front.

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                          Re: [3ARC]Do something with parties

                          You looks like a fair player but it's not the case for many persons in this game lol.

                          Also the Trip-Cap challenge is almost impossible to do without to kinda "boost" imo. I mean I have seen it only one time and guys reached it because i did not leave the server (all my team ragequitted after 1 min of trip cap). Otherwise, every time my team controls the three points, ennemies forfeit 1 min later pff. So I still do not have achieved the challenge after over 1000 rounds in Domination .

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                              Re: [3ARC]Do something with parties

                              Yes, I'm sure that's the only possible solution. I've played with good teams, against really bad guys, and even if you had two more people on your side it was impossible to hold 3 flags for 3 minutes.

                              Even if you held all 3... each round isn't that long after all and sometimes you simply run out of time.

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                                Re: [3ARC]Do something with parties

                                Well I got my Trip-Cap legit and in a very organized party of 3.0~5.0 KDR players and in my case I was invited to play with them because I did not Rage Quit playing against them in a game; oh yeah we lost big and I was the only player left. So in the lobby I had a simple and nice discussion that the Trip-Cap was still needed for DOM Master. So they sent me a Friend request and a day or two later I was invited to play, and in the lobby I noticed there was one slot open so I quickly invited my friend to try to join. Well he unfortunately he was on the opposite side and instead of leaving as he agreed he decided to make it his sole purpose to screw me instead; this moment is burned into my mind and a betrayal of trust caught on 'film.'

                                Both of us at the time were getting all of our Master's completed and IMO obsessively going for Diamond everything, oddball Calling Cards, you name it, and it became an over the top obsessive competition -- so since he hasn't going to have his Trip-Cap he'd F-up mine. In prior attempts and through efforts of parties that I arranged twice we were within 6 seconds but failed.


                                No doubt many folks Boost Nuclear's, Trip-Cap's, or you name it -- I refuse to Boost. So anything that I've obtained is meaningful and earned.

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                          Re: [3ARC]Do something with parties

                          You know you could just send invites to ppl you have on your friends list. Also pull a few miced up randoms start yourself a party and you are golden. I seriously dont think treyarch will ever bother with this since its nothing major or gamebreaking. In the end if someone has 5 other ppl to party up with can you blame them for doing so? Lots of stuff in this game frustrate me at times but for some reason this never has.

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                              Re: [3ARC]Do something with parties

                              I dont care about to create a party myself, it's offtopic.

                              I just say It often ruins the game to play parties vs randoms. I do not blame parties anyway, i just ask if it's possible parties meet parties and randoms meet randoms or at least make parties visible to others players in the lobby.


                              By the way, i played on parties myself and did many challenges like K9, SWARM, etc.. and increased my K/D and SPM ..easely.. (well, all guyz in party were  >1.60 ratio) but it does not change the problem as it was unfair for the opposite random team most of the time.

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                              Re: [3ARC]Do something with parties

                              I don't really see why you're complaining about parties. Have you ever tried to play this game with a party? It's impossible.

                              You simply won't find games or, if you do find something after half an hour, the enemy team will be full of laggers from all over the world.

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                                  Re: [3ARC]Do something with parties

                                  Eh that's not true (yet) unless you're playing off-peak.

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                                      Re: [3ARC]Do something with parties

                                      I'm not playing on weekends but, when in a party, it's night time in Central Europe. Player numbers should be close to max at that time.

                                      We're playing Hardcore though, guess I should add that. No sky-high SPMs though, like 5-800, so I don't know why this happens.

                                      It's easy enough for 1,2 or three people to find a game. It gets much harder with 4, extremely hard with 5 and eases up a little with 6 (especially when searching for S&D games).

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                                          Re: [3ARC]Do something with parties

                                          We play a lot of Private Matches, everyone is vetted and more less in the 'good player' range and we all really like it. There's no XP but most of us really don't care about XP, Medals, or Calling Card crapola just the game and we can edit our own rules and tweak the game. For example most of the time we remove Scorestreaks and extend the game.


                                          One funnier than hell game is with the Executioner, 200% health, and a Shock Charge in our CaC with no Tactical Mask. It's one death dance after another.


                                          By now you must know other Clans and a ton of players, so just ask them all to join you or find a friend to arrange the parties.

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