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    JUST A IDEA for LEAGUE ? like MW3 but on black ops to here 1v1 2v2 3v3 ?

      like on mw3 there was a 1v1 2v2v 3v3v in league there tdm and 4v4 as a lot of people like 1v1 they could make a league 1v1 and earn a challenge badge and you get to choose sniping or assault the badges for sniper could be gold crossed rifles or some thing think it would be good on having a top snipers competition marksman gold think it would be good you could wear in you league badge under your prestige make a another window for it where you got the prestige under it you got league tdm then make a another winder for a gold crossed snipers would thought it be a good challenge think a lot of people would play it i no i would to get a bagde