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    [3ARC] Will you finally fix the C4 double tap trick ?

      Hi there,


      Noticed more and more people are using the C4 trick to detonate faster (Double tap on the Reload touch).

      That's pretty annoying to see pro C4 lamers doing this the whole game with danger close + flakjacket + scavenger.

      On Hardpoint i saw some kamikaze C4 noobs parties, rush on ennemies throw the c4 and explode it 1/2 seconds after pff.

      It's a shame because the C4 is OP and should require a bit of skillz and timing to use it.

      Perhaps, will you say i'm a whiner, but in my eyes it's abnormal it is not fixed yet and it ruins the game as you do not have the time to react/evade before the explosion.


      Hope you will fix it 3ARC