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    Christian Gaming Clan/Community Gospel Coalition

      Hello All,


      I hope that all of you are doing well!  I am starting a Christian gaming community for Call of Duty.  The aim of this community is accountability while gaming.  We will be holding each other to stand firm on God's word.  We will also be creating a fun relax environment for others as well!  I know for me, I am like Paul, I am the foremost of sinners.  I am also very far from casting the first stone.  However, the aim of this group is not to shove Jesus down people's throats.  The aim is to show people Jesus through our actions and words.  I pray that if you are interested, that you would apply at any time. 


      The Clan name is Gospel Coalition and our tag is [tGc].


      Our motto is Romans 1:16.


      If you are not a Christian and want to surround yourself in a relaxed encouraging environment, feel free to apply.  We do ask that you not use fowl language though. 


      Hope to play with you soon!


      Grace and Peace,


      xXSprink 116Xx