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    League is pathetic


      Now, I only use league to quickly get me from level 1 to level 10 so I can create custom classes and choose score sreaks in multiplayer after prestiging; so I could really care less if I win or lose League games, but for the sake of those that take them serious, I try as hard as I can and play objectives each game.


      I just finished 7 games and in every one of them one team was down to either 1 or 2 players well before the game ended.  Twice I was the only player on my team.  As soon s one team got a lead of as little as 5 points, people started dropping off the other team. We had a team at 2 or less players in 5 of the 7 games by half time. One kid was imploring is buddy to quit with him so his League record wouldn't have a loss on it.


      Why would 3arch not code things to give a quitter a loss and a drop in the ladder?  Then again, why does 3arch match platinum clans against iron and bronze singles as a "fair match against similar skilled players"?


      As bad as multi player is, league is tenfold worse and I feel sorry for any of you that spent $60.00 for that "feature"