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    Game mode ideas and map ideas for COD Ghosts


      Destruction. There will be 3 things that 1 team needs to destroy, a genorator, a small building full of precious intel, and a large weapons cache. They dont plant bombs but instead they use things like grenades or rocket launchers or even just shooting at it. They have start off with 3 minutes and get an extra 2 minutes with everything they destroy. The other team must defend atleast 1 of the 3 items before the round ends. Then the other team must destroy.



      Endless TDM. It is regular team deathmatch however there is no score limit. Instead it goes on for 8 minutes and the team with the most kills at the end of the 8 minutes wins.



      Escort. There is a man that 1 team has to escort safetly to a helicopter. It takes 2 minutes to get him there while the other team tries to kill him ( he has more health then the regular soldier )



      Darkness. Its TDM but its in the dark. You can only see a couple feet in front of you and the only way to spot people it to use things like thermal scopes or ( if it is featured in ghosts ) night vision goggles.



      Juggernaught. There are 3 jugs and 7 defenders. The 3 jugs must get to an evacuation point at the other side of the map within 5 minutes as the defenders do whatever it takes to make sure they dont get there. Whoever kills the jug becomes a jug




      Resturaunt. A large fancy resturaunt with a large dining area, a kitchen, and a back area with a truck that appears to be delivering food. There is also a parking lot in the front with atleast 20 cars in it. There is also a ladder to the roof.



      Mansion. A very, very large 3 story mansion with multiple balconies for sniping. 1 team spawns in the courtyard and the other team spawns in the backyard. There is a large entrance that leads to the living room. Then immediately to the left is a small library with a ladder that can get you on the tall bookshelves. The second floor will just have bedrooms with a balcony on each one and the third floor will have a large indoor bowlin alley. The courtyard will have a huge fountain in the center and the backyard will be full of trees and a large pool with a waterslide.



      Forest. A medium sized forest with multiple trees that you can climb and stand on the branches ( for sniping ). Also there will be many small tunnels that lead to different parts of the maps that you can crawl through. Similar to wasteland but it is smaller and has many more trees.



      Nightlife. A small nightclub with 2 levels. The 1st team spawns in the small parking lot out front and the 2nd team spawns in the outdoor area in the back. When you enter you hear loud music playing and see several VIP tables to the left and a large dancefloor to the right. At the back of the dancefloor is a DJ. When you past both of those you will see a bar with bottles on it. To the right of the bar is a door which leads to the outdoor area which has turned over tables and a BBQ that can be blown up. The second floor is the moonlight room which is a very small area that is circular. It has a pole in the center and it is very dark up there but there lazer lights.



      Well these are my ideas for maps and game modes. Please comment telling me your ideas



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          Re: Game mode ideas and map ideas for COD Ghosts

          Darkness encourages camping. Endless TDM is just a shorter TDM. I've played many a game where the score limit isn't even reached, and it can't be endless with less time than the original. Also, Forest wouldn't work in my opinion. The other maps and modes are worth a shot.

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            Re: Game mode ideas and map ideas for COD Ghosts

            Marksman - A sniper only game mode.

            Pyromaniac - Players spawn with an RPG, a Semtex, a Grenade Launcher and a C4. Every player has Flak Jacket, Extreme Conditioning and Dexterity. There is a constant UAV in the air (Haven't diceded if it should be an FFA or a TDM).

            Flag Defender - Players must capture a neutral flag in the middle of the map. The team holding the flag get points. The team who gets to a certain amount of points, wins, or when the time is up.

            Bring back War from WaW, OR:

            Total Domination - Domination with Kill Confirmed combined.


            The playlists should be divded in the following way:



            9v9: Domination/Team Dethamtch/Multi Team Dethmatch/Kill Confirmed/Total Domination

            6v6: All of the above game modes + the rest of the game modes (FFA, CTF, SnD etc.)


            9v9: Domination/Team Deathmatch/Multi Team Deathmatch/Kill Confirmed/Total Domination

            6v6: All of the above game modes + the rest of the game modes (FFA, CTF SnD etc.)

            Community Playlists: Drop Zone, All or Nothing, Sticks and Stones, Gun Game, Marksman, Sharpshooter, One in the Chamber etc.



            Size: medium-large


            A prison map. Outlined by the prison borders, Prison has 2, easily countered sniper towers in the opposite corners of the map, the yard, and the cells room. Domination flags are in a straight line, the A and C flags being in the opposite corners of the map, near each sniper tower and the B flag is located in the cells room.



            Wild West

            Size: medium

            Set in a typical wild west town, there are 8 buildings, 4 on each side of the road, while the road being in the middle of the map. there is the sherif's house, a remand building, a bar and a couple of regular houses. Most of the buildings have second stories for players to climb up there, but the balconies are very vulnerable and only have a minor protection of a wodden rail. In the middle of the map, where the road is, there are 2 carriages, near the B flag, blocking the view to it, while leaving a tiny line of sight to the other end of the map from each side of it. The A flag is located behind the sherif's place and the C flag behind the bar, making the flags shape as a straight line. There is a water tower in the corner of the map, making a good power-position for snipers.



            Size: large


            The regular playground slides, buildings and obstacles, while in the middle, overwatching the B flag, there is a climbabale structure that maks for a power position, but the only cover is a wodden rail bordering the edges of the strucutre. A lttile swimming pool is located in the side of the map, where the A flag is,very opened and surrounded by a metal fence. The swimming pool is empty, and the A flag is in the middle of the empty swimming pool. On the other side of the map, there is a fast-food dinner, where the C flag is. Player can go up to the rooftop of the dinner and watch some of the zone near the C flag. A truck is in the middle of the lane between the C and B flag, and a house is on the other side between the A and B flag.




            Size: large


            Set in a big mining area, there is a mine underground, having an entrance at the A and C flag, each flag located in the other side of the map, and the B flag being the 3rd vertex of the flags triangle is set underground, while there is a hole just aboe it and players can jump into the mine. Above the surface there are some mining vehicles, such as bulldozer, a trucktor, a truck etc. some of the vehicles are climbable. In addition, there are piles of dug-up dirt, making good cover as well. Underground, there are some explosive barrels, lamps and light fixtures. there are also some tiny holes from the surface, making the sunlight come in. The mine makes a good flanking and CQB road, while the upper field is more medium-long range.




            Size: medium


            Set in a distant desert, a bunker is located in the middle of the map, the B flag on top of the bunker. The bunker is wide open, has no roof or covering and has a couple of Turrets, in each side of the bunker. The bunker has four underground entrances and exists, from each side of it. In the bunker, all of the battles are close quarters. The A and C flag are in a straight line wit the B flag, and they have little. On the left side of the map, there is a tank in the lane, blocking some of the view. On the right side, there are 2 off-road viehcles. Note that each turret is overwatching each lane, but not the A and C flags. Both the A and C flags are covered by sand-sacks.




            Size: large

            Set on the riads, a Junction is located in the top of the map, sorrounded by a gas station and a pizzeria and some other fast food places.. The rooves of most of these fast food buildings are climbable. The B flag is located in the middle of the Junction, while the A flag is behind a storage warehouse and the C flag being on the other corner of the map, in a parking lot. There are 2 cars sorrounding the B junction flag and some cars and a truck near the C flag. There are many roads leading to and from both A and C flags to each other, and the B flag, and vise versa.



            Size: medium


            Set in a two story elementry school, the A flag is in the outsides of the school in the playground. The C flag is inside the school located in the cafeteria on the top floor. The B flag, inspired by Skidrow, is in the hot spot of the map - the hallway, with many classes and rooms having an entrance from it. Most of the rooms and the classes have an open window, from which players can escape and jump outside, either from the top floor, where the science lab, the cafeteria and the teachers room is, or on the first floor with the work shop, math, english, music and art classes are. There are two, big fallen lockers on the ground, providing some cover but are easily penetratable. Some of the rooms, both on the top floor and the first floor overwatch the A flag, about 2 of them. Also, there is a little library on the top floor, where there are hectic close quarters, mostly like the other places of the map, the elevators and a couple of staircases, each on the other side of the map, lead to the top floor. The hallway is a sniper heaven.


            Homeland Security


            The map from the Modern Warfare 2 special ops, Homeland Security.




            Size: Medium


            Set in a military base in Baghdad in night time, many army viechels and tents are in the permiter. A couple of sniper towers, making good power postions but with low cover. Some explosive barrels too. The A flag is behind a couple of tents in the corner of the map, while the C flag is on the opposite corner, sorrounded by a tank with an accesable turret on it. The B flag is in a weapon warehouse in the side of the map, making the flags triangle shaped.



            Size: Medium

            One of the most simple maps. 15x15 rows of olive trees, set in a perfect square. There is a completly open view and road between each row/line. The flags are set in a straight line. from one corner of the map to the other. In the middle, where the B flag is, there is a wider road, with a mud-house in the middle of it where the B flag is located.



            Size: Large


            Set in a greek mythology maze, the labyrinth walls are made of either white stone or bush. The labyrinth has many lanes and roads. There are many tight corners, but also the outer lanes are very wide open. The B flag is located in the middle of the map, where there is a minotaur sculpture and a fountain. The middle of the map is very wide open has doesn't have much cover with almost no objects. The A and C flag are located each in the opposite corner of the map, and make a straigt line with the B flag.

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              Re: Game mode ideas and map ideas for COD Ghosts

                   Here's my idea for one, I think it may have already been done though...


              - Not sure what to call it

              There are two demolition points on each side of the map, there is one HVI (Higher HP and slower walkspeed) on each team with a bomb. This will last for a max of 15 minutes. All players can have their own class and have unlimited lives, for one team to win they must blow up the other teams bomb site. If neither of the bomb sites have blown up, the match will be a tie.

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                Re: Game mode ideas and map ideas for COD Ghosts

                I've got a few ideas for the next couple content packs. Please note that I haven't played through the campaign yet, and primarily play multiplayer offline.




                Overthrown: A mid-large-sized map set in and the Federation-captured White House in Washington, D.C., and parts of the North and South lawns. The Ghost spawn is in the North Lawn, whereas the Federation spawns in the South. Both lawns contain deep trenches and small bunkers, in the style of the missions "Of Their Own Accord" and "Whiskey Hotel" from MW2. The building itself has been bombed and converted into a stronghold of sorts, with at least one player-usable minigun facing either lawn. When a player completes a Field Order on this map, they may open a hidden staircase from the Oval office for the remainder of the match, which leads down to a secret cache of random customized weapons for the team, a special Juggernaut suit, and tunnels to either spawn.


                Amazon: A re-made version of Afghan from MW2, this time set in a secret Federation arms cache deep in the Amazon river basin. Obviously, the map would be updated from a desert environment to a rainforest. Some of the buildings could be re-made into native huts, nuclear warheads could be stored in the cave, the C-130 crash could be replaced with a much older plane or perhaps an enormous fallen tree, and the poppy fields could be replaced with...something more suitable to the climate.


                Neon: A rainy, mid-small map set in the bustling Akihabara district of Tokyo, Japan, following an earthquake. This would be a symmetrical, close-quarters and vertical map, which would include narrow streets and back alleys, several electronics shops, rooftop sniper positions, and some collapsed buildings, in the style of Free Fall. If you've ever played TF2, this would have a similar style to Kong King. The Field Order completion reward is a special Maniac suit which looks like cosplay Gundam armor. In this case, the suit will not give as great of a speed boost as the Maniac, but will give the player a glowing katana as a melee weapon, and a "laser rifle", which is really a re-skinned SVU which shoots tracer rounds.


                Shipyard: Large, symmetrical map set in a U.S. East Cost Naval shipyard and drydock on a coastline. Combat happens in and around a row of battleships at various stages of completion: some are mere skeletons, while others are ready for deployment. Similarly to BayView, the Field Order completion reward is a mortar strike from several battleships by the coastline. However, this strike will break the struts of an aircraft carrier at the side of the map, causing it to slide into the map itself and radically alter the geography.


                Mardi Gras: Medium-small map set in the historic French Quarter of New Orleans, all decked out for Mardi Gras. The style of this map would be very similar to Resistance from MW3, and very symmetrical. Most combat would occur in open plazas, with smaller restaurants, residential buildings, and shops nearby. Many balconies in the area would be climbable, allowing for excellent sniper positions.However, earth tremors caused by ODIN and LOKI strikes have created massive ocean surges in the Gulf of Mexico, which have flooded large portions of this map.

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                  Re: Game mode ideas and map ideas for COD Ghosts

                  sry m8, don't want to offend you, but about your map ideas, they seem to make me vomit...to me, when i play a CoD title, i play it to get a war-feeling, playing on battlefields, that also seem like warplaces, maybe or hopefully with a little realism, as there were also some in previous titles playing in real war-areas...the idea to play a wargame in a nightclub or in a diner is to me what i hated also most in the past, with maps like in mw3 (arcaden, backyard,etc) or the skater/gotcha-area in BO (WTF?!!)...just imo, but prefer battlefields with warfeeling instead of feeling like a lil kid playing war on birthdayparty-areas...about your game-mode ideas, not that bad...ty

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                    Re: Game mode ideas and map ideas for COD Ghosts

                    I'm surprised at the lack of Extinction suggestions here. Personally, I'd love to see the next episode take place in a dense city environment (Note: at the time I write this, I have not yet played/finished Mayday). Sorry for bringing up Japan again (not a weeaboo), but perhaps the Mayday ship could crash into Tokyo harbor, and the Spectre One team will need to fight their way to it from a rooftop downtown, and then escape (with Dr. Cross or something) back the same way.


                    The developers have been saying for the past two episodes that they contain "enormous" Cryptid, "unlike anything we've ever done before" (referring to the Breeder and Kraken). This time, they should make a truly gigantic Cryptid, like Cloverfield or Godzilla huge (now do you see why I prefer Tokyo?). The players wouldn't necessarily need to kill it, but it would serve as a dynamic background element like the robots from Origins (from Zombies).


                    The devs should also add another wonder weapon or two (the Venom-X is useful, but is kinda getting dull). One idea I have is for a shotgun-like weapon that shoots three spikes at once, which would then function similarly to shock charges from BlOps 2 once they hit a surface. So, in other words, you can either shoot Cryptids with it directly, or set up little personal electric traps with the spikes by aiming at the ground instead.

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