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    I've finally come to the conclusion about zombies...

      Treyarch should make a zombies only game and scrap Call of Duty. Quite frankly I'm sick of the same damned franchise every year, it's like a sick and dying dog you want to go away but at the same time you don't because it's kind of funny to watch hobble around in attempts to impress you so you wont put it down. I'd rather give them $60 dollars for a zombies campaign, side modes, and typical zombies multiplayer as we have now, but expanded upon massively.


      All BO and BOII had to offer was zombies, aside from it's god awful campaign stories that had no real intended plot and it's buggy, overhyped, and broken as usual multiplayer.

      Zombies is the only reason roughly a fourth of the community even bothers to fork up money every other year. Why not make something actually worth it?