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    What happened to GG?

      What ever happened to being able to say good game? or to give the opposing team props for doing well or putting up a fight? I rarely hear this anymore in CoD. not that I ever heard it much before but now its basically absent. Now all you hear are how bad the other team is, how they are nothing. They do this or that and so they are unlegit. anytime someone gets shot its always BS and underserved.


      Some will come in here and say thats because the games broken. its not. Its how most deal with their anger. I do the same myself. I know full well why I died. I missed. did that stop me from yelling out BS as my body crumpeled to the ground? no. But I almost always try to recognise the skill of the opposing team. I try to acknowledge when the other team is consistently winning gun fights, using tactics and team work. I had a game on hardpoint against a full gold team (they were a pack of 4). On my team we had 4 platinums. The gold team kicked our ass. they communicated where mine did not. They arrived at the next objective in force before it was time to secure it where mine did not. I always managed to get there and then look the wrong way at the wrong moment and get killed.


      its either they blame the weapons used, the tactics used, or their teammates. its very rarely that I hear another player admit to failing on their part. While I do call BS and one of my friends tries to agree/reinforce it, I always have to stop them and go "no... no... I missed... Had I not I would have won... just pissed off that I missed".


      The blaming of ones own team is a frequent one to be used. I can understand you being.. displeased with their performance if you were able to compete and they were not, but Most of the time I have seen this, the guy has just about the same stats only seperated by a few hundred points or a few kills. Rather then admit the other team was better he chooses to blame other things rather then give credit where credit is due.



      This has been bugging me over the past few days and figured I would start a chat about ti

      (Note, this is not to say that the game is perfect. far from it. its a normal online game. as such there are plenty of issues)

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          1. Re: What happened to GG?

          I completely agree.  I remember back in my quake 3 days, after every match people always said GG.  No one ever complained or had excuses.  Now that's all you hear and everyone thinks they are better than everyone else.  I always give props and send Good Game messages to people that do very well in games.

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            Agree 100%. The insane level of rage and hatred in this game (and most other games) is quite frankly shocking. Can't go 2 minutes without hearing people scream and shout and throw abuse at someone. I don't get it one bit.


            I played a game of Hardpoint recently where an opponent went 74 - 5 (sure it was that score, stands out in my mind pretty well) with 10+ caps and defends. He gave my team a hammering. I sent him a message saying "Wow, well played. Would rather you only did that well with me on the same team though! Seriously great game" and recieved a message back saying "Thank you, I think that's the first good game message I've ever got. Normally people send abuse". That stood out to me.


            When I decided to jump from PS3 to Xbox 360 it was because I'd been told about the 'amazing community' it has. The only thing I notice about that community is whilst yes, a lot more talk, a lot more also argue with everyone and everything. Sometimes I miss the added level of quiet on Playstation. No I'm not saying Playstation has a better community, just that with less having mics it means less arguments.


            I dread to think how bad it may become with all the built-in Kinect mic users on next gen. Whatever happened to being graceful in defeat hey. Really disappointing.

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              3. Re: What happened to GG?

              I send GG messages aswell. I honestly dont think I have ever gotten one myself in this game. But there are those who are not good sports. The other day I sent out a GG message only to be sent back "you suck...." it was a long idiotic message. Idiotic because I had more points then his entire team. True, we still lost and by a good margin too. But then again they were a masters team rank 9 and we were a bunch of random platinum and masters. I did well by my standards and thats enough for me. It just dismays me to see people act like that rather then doing the much faster GG /send.

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                4. Re: What happened to GG?

                I like to say it when the team is worthy of it. Most teams are not.


                Although on PC I throw it out a bit more since it can just go in all-chat.


                Remember that it's summer. The kids are in full force. I heard a bunch today complaining that it was almost August.

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                  5. Re: What happened to GG?

                  I never think "GG" because this game simply isn't fair when it comes to connections.

                  If one team wins it will be because players on the other teams are at a disadvantage.

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                    6. Re: What happened to GG?

                    I still toss it out there, but rarely because of the extreme levels of douchebaggery in the game. I say it so rarely that when I do actually say it I also say thank you.

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                      7. Re: What happened to GG?

                      I wouldn't say that. My deaths involve the following in order 1 - 50/50, 2 - Being outplayed and 3 - Lag. I don't really think my kills have a different order. Matchmaking has more to do with it than lag

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                        8. Re: What happened to GG?

                        biron_w wrote:


                        I never think "GG" because this game simply isn't fair when it comes to connections.

                        If one team wins it will be because players on the other teams are at a disadvantage.

                        yea im a huge fan of the whole "you know that great game you had? yea... you suck, it wasnt you, it was the lag." argument. By fan I find it funny as hell.

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                          9. Re: What happened to GG?

                          I routinely toss it out in a message to decent players on the other team, particularly if they manage to frustrate and/or outplay me.  If it's a closely fought match that comes down to the wire, then I'll say it over the mic to the entire other team win or lose.  But then, I'm old-school and was raised to be well-mannered - gracious in defeat and humble in victory (except when playing with my IRL friends, because we hurl abuse at each other the whole game long, but that's allowed).


                          Sadly, playing well in this game is more likely to yield accusations of cheating, hacking, or homosexuality than any sort of praise or acknowledgement of having a good game.  To be fair, I think the haters represent a minority (though a very vocal one) in the community and the majority tend to just keep their comments and thoughts to themselves, which is fine.


                          It is a pity that there isn't more positivity about how people interact online, but it's not surprising.  The shield of anonymity has been documented to bring out the worst in people.

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