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    PS3 Clan Recruiting for BOPS2 & GHOSTS

      The Unstoppable Hardcore Clan is recruiting again for the wind down of Black Ops 2 and preparation for Ghosts...We currently have about 70 clan members with about 40 active members in any given week.  Some of us have been playing together since World at War.  We have a Facebook page with 50 members online and active - We hold monthly contests for Best Buy gift cards (last was best pistol kill streak and next is best Troll video) and Quarterly Clan Tournaments (free copies of Ghost to winners).  We have a youtube channel with over 100 video's, but need more activity on that front.  We are currently Level 48 for Black Ops 2 in Elite and we do EVERY challenge and EVERY operation.  Finally, we track detailed stats for every clan member - from weekly KDR to clan contribution, challenges, ops, etc...We will be introducing a new "Point" system for clan members that will be tied to monthly recognition and contribute to tournament placement (home field advantage!).


      We are pretty much an open clan in terms of leadership and structure - we are not strictly regimented in style - We hold some maps, others we run and gun...Basically we are on to have fun, so there are no hard and fast rules other than the basics of playing with your clan members, participating in challenges and ops and keeping your cool / noise to a minimum - We don't talk trash generally until someone else does. 


      Overall with 70 members, our average KDR is about 1.35 and our Win/Loss ratio for TDM for our members is from 60% to over 80% (Mine is 3.04 currently).  Our members KDR's range from .8 (older granfathered members) to over 2.00.


      All ops and challenges are listed as events on Facebook and if you want to be on the SMS distribution list, we alert all membership of upcoming challenges and ops via your cell phone.


      Please look us up on Elite as Unstoppable!!! (3 exclamation points) and we are a closed facebook group called "unstoppabletog".  You can find me on PSN as TOG-SLEEK or call/text me at 480.208.9051.


      IMPORTANT NOTE: Clan members MUST have a 1.00 or above KDR - This is a MUST and if you are under 18 you will only be considered for membership based on your maturity level - Once you join, you will play with the clan for 2 weeks and then leadership will vote you IN or OUT based on attitude AND skill level.  We expect ALL members to participate in challenges and operations - so if you are online, you must contribute to clan level in Elite.  Finally, we are looking for members who are on a lot...if you play once a week or once a month, then please look elsewhere...We have 10-20 members on almost 24 hours a day, so there is almost always a full roster to play with (no green noobs!).  Finally, we are a HARDCORE clan primarily - We do all CORE challenges and will do so for GHOSTS as well - So we are looking for CORE players - but when we are not doing challenges and ops, we are playing HARDCORE TDM the majority of the time...Hopefully, GHOSTS will provide more HARDCORE games than BOPS2 did, but we will stay a HARDCORE clan for the forseeable future.


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