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    Pre-Update issue(s)-7/23/13

      OK, so for the last 2 weeks or so I've noticed that :


      1- I can't join friends even when there is room in their game. I have to get an invite to join them-which means I can't just jump into an active game. It always says "Server Full" even when we're in a LIVE party and they are telling me there's room. My friends are having the same experience. We've compared notes.


      2-In the same time period, matchmaking has been dorked(ever since last map pack came out, actually). If a friend lacks earlier map packs, but has the latest, we can't get our party into a game. At all. If we are running 5 West Coast people with an East Coast person the party leader is lucky to see "Checking 1-3" matches. Last night there were 307,000 on when I signed in. When we searched it told me 37 matches with me and another guy. With 3 of us it said 18. With 6 is said 4. And it took forever to link up. Then it hooked us up with 2 Hawaiians. Really? Only 4 games found and the BEST one had people from 3000 miles away bouncing their signals off satellites?


      Also, I have had a number of care packages refuse to let me pick them up. At all. And then they vanish. This has been frequent of late, but I'd never seen this prior to the last map pack download.


      Anyone else notice this stuff?


      OH, and for connection issue freaks- my connection still tests out the same as it did last November(and every check since then). Its typically enough that I can handle the party leader role with few issues.