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    Anyone else feel that secondaries are becoming to overpowered and are not being designed as secondaries?

      personally I believe that the problem of secondaries has been on the rise throughout the franchise however in black ops 2 it is alot more noticeable, i know you are just trying to make the game have alot more variety however its getting to the point of people running round with secondaries and secondaries winning in gun fights, in my opinion i beleive that secondaries should be there as a secondary not as a close range primary, look at the competitive scene the Kap-40 has been banned from most places and there has been numerous updated on this matter to the game itself but sill i believe that there are some major flaws in how people are developing the franchise, dont get me wrong they do a great job and it takes alot of skill, time and dedication to develop games however atleast try make the games make sense. thanks and i hope you take this into consideration and if anyone else agrees feel free to comment.