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    More Attachments

      Treyarch/ IW always emphasize "customization", but they never allow us to have more than 3 attachments? Why is this? How cool would it be to have an M4 or a M27 with a sight (holo, red dot, acog, etc.), custom magazine (Dual mags, extended mags, FMJ, holopoint, etc.) barrel attachment (silencer, flash hider, long barrel, laser sight, etc.), underbarrel attachment (grenade launcher, smoke launcher, foregrip, bipod, etc.) and then an ability such as quickdraw, stock (stalker), etc.


      Or even add a customization level that of Ghost Recon Future Soldier. That game was so much fun customizing your gun. I could care less about having an emblem on your gun, or a rainbow camo, I want true customization.