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    How to defeat the overpowered pistols in this game.

      This is a guide on how to overcome a pistol player in this game.  I don't think the pistols are overpowered, but there are enough complaints. So, I thought I would share this guide in how to fight against them.   (Note feel free to laugh this is meant to be sarcastic.  However, these methods really do work.)


      Option 1:


      Build a class with a non KSG shotgun.  Engage the pistol user at close range with the shotgun


      Option 2:


      Build a class with a mid to long range weapon.  Engage the pistol user from mid to long range.


      Option 3:


      C4 + Fast Hands.  Problem solved.


      Option 4:


      Combat Axe + fast hands.  Note use if pistol user engaged from option 3 is using flak jacket.


      Option 5:


      Scorpion Evo + Rapid Fire.  This pretty much murders anything at close range, but outside of pistol range everything else beats you.


      Option 6:


      Equip Kap40 with dual wield.  This is second grade math, they have one pistol you have two.  So you should win.


      Option 7:


      PDW + quick draw + adjustable stock + rapid fire.  Now you have the kap 40 with a 50 round clip.


      If none of these work then I really cannot help you.