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    CoD Ghosts - dynamic map ideas


      Since we have dynamic maps now what do you think would be some cool maps to have where events take place/you can interact with the map? We already know we have a falling building that takes place at night.


      Here are a few of mine:


      1) A ski resort. You can get in the gondolas and ride up to a certain point. Eventually there is an avalance that comes and destroys the gondolas and the other parts of the map, changing the layout.


      2) Inside a large plane that is flying. And about halfway through the match 2 jets come up and start shooting at it, a huge hole blows in the side and the plane crashes. The remains and the surrounding area is now the rest of the map.


      3) A giant navy vessel in the ocean. It is very stormy out and there are huge waves. The ship is rocky and you can sometimes get swept off by the crashing waves.

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          Cool ideas. I would much rather take a well designed map with great choke points/focus points like buildings and structures than dynamic maps.

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            Awesome ideas, dynamic maps will be a fun way to change up gameplay. I had this idea wher we put C4 to good use other than toss and click. How about make some parts of the map breakable. If theres an enemy on a platform and he won't get down, plant some explosives and make him crumble to the ground.

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              Honestly I wish they would add weather like rain again. And make a dark map!!! Just more dynamic weather!! They had it in cod 4 but that's it.

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                     I want a map where it's a small/medium sized map that is placed on the sized of a mountain covered in trees. At the start of the match a fire is started through an explosion which doesn't really do much to the map, but slowly through the map the fire begins to grow through the map. About half way through the match the fire is causing the roofs of buildings to fall onto players obviously killing them, walls will crush and buildings slowly get destroyed. Almost at the end of the match the largest buildings topples over the centre of the map (Main points of interest like Flag B) creating a very tight and compact area which is very dark inside.


                This map will be large, somewhat tight and pretty intense.