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        30. Re: How can Call of Duty be more mature

        Makes sense and I see your point.

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          31. Re: How can Call of Duty be more mature

          I've noticed something about the ages of people playing the game. Their PSN ID's and emblems correspond to their age. All the kids, say 10 - 15 have animals in their names... fluffy_dog, super_tiger, scary_cat, etc. Then you can tell which ones are the young pubescent males, 15 - 18 they have the emblems that are as rude and sexual as they can get away with.

          This is a product of the education system of the last 25-30 years, they've been taught that they can do whatever they want and no one can do anything to them. When I was young, my father had the longest arm of anyone I knew, he could reach across the long end of the kitchen table and lay one across the side of my head when I was being a little sh!t. I learned proper social skills from my father and the school system back then didn't put up with any crap from kids either. It's too bad that today the kids have no respect for anyone.

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            32. Re: How can Call of Duty be more mature

            So ultimately you DO want to remove "kids" from teh game???? Then by all means, of course that means Call of Duty will likely lose over 70% of it's audience and likely demise as a frnachise spelling the end of Call of Duty,,, if that's what you want then by all means.


            Do I think kids are the problem with either the game or community, no.


            With the game then I think there's room to "additionally" cater to other trains of thought besides what the kiddos like but ultimately the kids pay the bills so propotionately it makes sense that game design does sway to them. Again I do think there's room for improvement though, mostly the map designs.


            With the community, again for every obnoxious kid i run into I run into 20 to 50 obnoxious vulgar "immature" adults so I still don't feel "removing kids" is teh answer.

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              33. Re: How can Call of Duty be more mature

              get a maturity rating for the MP as well.


              currently the single player is the only thing you get a maturity rating for and even then you can turn the mature content off.


              if the MP gets a mature rating  then not only parents will get held responsible but also those who sell the games.


              it could improve the maturity.

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                34. Re: How can Call of Duty be more mature

                It's been said before, go back to W@W type game. That means only a handful of streaks, bigger maps making it more strategic, take away social networking elements, reduce theatre capability. Basically you make a game that appeals to adults and not to children.


                Not going to happen though, to much water under the bridge. I also suspect that CoD has now become such a well known brand that children will continue to buy it, or get their parents to buy it for them, and then if they don't like it will just troll instead of playing. I think a lot are probably doing this already. It also doesn't help with the 18-29 year olds who can also be immature.

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                  35. Re: How can Call of Duty be more mature

                  All of your arguements are based on the premise that COD is designed to intice younger players.


                  The fact is that the average gamer is 30 years old and about 2/3 of gamers in the US are 18 years or older.  If Activision is intentially marketing this game to younger players they do so at the risk of alienating 2/3 of the gamers in US - these numbers are on the ESA website.  Perhaps they do not realize that these little kids are annoying.  Personally I think there are a lot less of them than it is assumed here - its just they always have Mics and are memorable for the immaturity they spew.


                  Fact: having played hardcore for long enough I have ran into my fair share of boosters.  Of those who are stupid enough to have Mics on, about half have voices that have dropped


                  Just sayin'.

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                    36. Re: How can Call of Duty be more mature

                    Without talking about what older people like vs younger people etc... think of it more like a business (which it is)


                    Ever think about where McDonald's would be today if the marketing was not geared towards children through the 70s, 80s and 90s? In the later years (as they tried to make their menus more appealing to adults who wish to eat responsibly) they started to go backwards in profits ... if not only for awhile).


                    The bottom line is: If you have to choice to make something that suits 70% of the people vs 30%, any business picks the 70% demographic every time (that is how the world works).  If they did the opposite, the series would not be successful*.  And having said that, it does not matter what the age demographic of the larger % is...


                    *Do not measure success by the attitudes of the more mature crowd (of any age); measure it by sales alone. If the sales are good, the game was a success no matter what you, I or anyone else thinks.  If they brought in a pink bubbly looking camo and it sells they will do it...


                    Oh wait... they did that.

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                      37. Re: How can Call of Duty be more mature

                      Good post.  And I like that pink bubbly camo but then again I was a teenager in the 80s and hot pink with zebra stripes was cool back then.  Of course for anyone that didn't grow up in the 80s it probably doesn't have the same appeal.

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                        38. Re: How can Call of Duty be more mature

                        I still think girls in leg warmers are hot.


                        I as well went through my teens in the 80s (scary to think that someone who is 20 years old today, was not born was I was legal to drink)

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                          39. Re: How can Call of Duty be more mature

                          I'm with you on the leg warmer thing.  It's so wrong and yet feels so right.

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