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    Easter Egg Complications

      If you are trying to find players to do the Easter Egg and enter a Public Lobbie and find a no mic. Expect to back out and enter another lobbie. Don't yell at them for your anticipation to find someone that meets your standard. You can ask but expect they may stay. How hard is it to push buttons and find someone else? No I have seen where a group would rather stay in the lobbie yelling at the player for a long time.  Just doesn't make sense.


      I have heard countless times people in lobbies do this. Your going to have a bad time trying to find someone with that attitude to begin with.


      Anyway then after you do find three other mikes


      Player 1: Do you know how to do the Easter Egg


      Player:4  Yeah, I have been wanting to do it


      Player:3  What's the Easter Egg? I know how to play. I will do it just show me how


      Player 2  I know some of it.


      They all ready up


      These Easter Eggs requires for them to be known by all the players. What will happen is frustration will set in somewhere during a step of the Easter Egg and the Last zombie will die thus they will be on higher rounds and it will most likely be looked as a fail.  I'm not saying it can't be done. Just more likely not to happen because people are hard of hearing and get impatient. 


      Even in a situation with all of them saying they know how to do it.


      One will most likely not know and has interpreted the steps wrong thus creating frustration and once again a fail.


      These Easter Eggs are already a hastel to get.  why create more?

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